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NASA Unveils iPad eBook On Space Nutrition

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The world has been intrigued by the existence of food in space, so much so that interested persons are ready to lap up anything that is served to them by way of explanation of how our astronauts eat in space. Well, NASA has tried to improve the situation now with its "Space Nutrition", which it describes as a children's eBook. The book is available for free download on itunes.


The Charming Book

Reviewers on the Internet claim that the book is one up on regular Wikipedia articles about food in space. The book is indeed charming with so many photographs and anecdotes, which you usually would not find in any Wikipedia article. The text, accompanied by extensive photo-galleries, are enough to spike the attention of youngsters, who are eager to learn more about what is served to the astronauts when they are on space duty. In its review, iTunes describes that the US space program "has come a long way" from the "early days of eating food packed in toothpaste tubes."


Food From Space

Such interesting asides in the eBook make it an endearing venture. For instance, NASA informs that crumbs are not used in space foods because these can clog instruments around the spaceship. Tortillas come in handy because they do not require much labor by way of making the finished product. Sample some of the food served on famous space missions here:-

Gemini - Shrimp cocktail, chicken, vegetables, and pudding.

Apollo - Bread, Cheddar cheese spread, frankfurters, and fruit juice.

Skylab - Steak and vanilla ice cream.


It is believed that this book will be of immense help in making the kids understand the importance of space menu as designed by NASA. So you see, the astronauts do not have it that bad in the space though they need to compromise on some of the food items. In case you have any queries left even after reading this eBook, you know where to send them.


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NASA Unveils IPad EBook On Space Nutrition