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Oreo Twists Depict World Events

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Oreo Twist

Oreo, those delightful chocolate cookies turned 100 this year. On 6th March, 2012 to be exact! And the birthday celebrations have been unique indeed. While the Oreo Birthday Cake delighted all and sundry, the graphic twists posted on various social media sites remind us of food mascots and innovative marketing ideas.


Oreo Twist Themes

Each day is celebrated by using the Oreo cookie  and creating an appropriate image. The Elvis week is the current theme with the legendary singer being immortalized yet again with the Oreo cookie adorning his famous hair style this time.

Elvis week- Oreo Twist

That is not all though, every event that has garnered attention over the past few days have been depicted by the mouth watering  black n white cookie. However, this campaign will not continue to delight you for a lifetime. The period is set at 100 days, one day for each year in the life of the Oreo cookie. Take a look at some of the gems below.

Oreo Twists

If this reawakens the artist in you, you are also free to submit your creations  to Nabisco and hope that you get a shot at participating in the birth centenary of the beloved cookie that you loved to dunk in your glass of milk not so many years ago.


Image Credit- community.ashworthcollege 


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Oreo Twists Depict World Events