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Bio-Printed Meat For Dinner?

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3D bio printed meat


Vegetarians and meat lovers may soon begin to see eye to eye vis-à-vis their taste in food. And why is that, you may ask. Well, meat is all set to be produced artificially via the 3D printing technology. And  that is really not animal product, right? Breakout Labs, the foundation headed by Peter Thiel has decided to provide around $ 350,000 for developing edible faux meat which might well help to solve the world’s food problems  apart from being environmentally friendly.


Who Will Do It?

Modern Meadow is the beneficiary of the grant which aims to culture and bio-print meat like products by directly utilizing animal cells. While we have seen several vegan meat products including the one supported by Twitter founders  flood the market, there had been no indication of obtaining the product directly from animal cells so far. The 3D bio-printed meat might actually be more closer to the real thing and will help us to satiate our craving for animal protein henceforth. The company might even get it to resemble the actual product thereby enhancing its acceptability factor.


The Actual Process

However, the question of causing harm to the animals involved arises here but we are sure that PETA would certainly have put a stop to it had it been so. Gabor Forgacs, the Chief Scientist associated with the project enlightens us about the actual procedure by stating, "Whether you’re brewing beer or making yogurt, you’re really doing cell culture. In this case the process involves biopsying a living animal (a relatively harmless procedure), isolating the desired cells, growing large numbers of them, and preparing them into cell aggregates--spheres of tens of thousands of cells.”


Well, the process sounds interesting enough but will it be feasible to produce pseudo meat , enough to feed the world? It's early days yet but the initial product is definitely going to be horribly expensive. However, both Thiel and the scientists at Modern Meadow hope to develop a more mature technology that might just succeed in making the bio-printed meat affordable. Modern Meadow is now looking forward to produce just a inch long sliver of the meat for starters. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope for a positive outcome.


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Bio-Printed Meat For Dinner?