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Olympians Throng To McDonald’s Post-Games

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McDonald's 1There was a time when fast food critics were rallying against McDonald’s presence at the Olympics 2012 and wanted to get a ban imposed on it. With the Games over, it seems all that has been forgotten now. What else could explain the throngs of Olympian athletes who descended upon the McDonald’s cafeteria in Stratford right after the closing ceremony was over. Well, letting bygones be bygones, let us have a look at how the Olympic athletes celebrated the end of their four-year journey of sweat and toil.



Athletes’ Day Out

After having spent the last four years or more of their lives eating carefully while training for the Olympic Games, the athletes, all of whom were in top forms, just let it go after the closing ceremony was over in London. Right before their coaches could coax them to get on with the preparations for the next Olympics, to be held in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, these Olympians headed to the local McDonald’s and indulged themselves.



Splurging on Fast Food

Now many responsible parents may cringe on reading this but the athletes just threw their diet regimes to the wind and launched headlong into the fast food fare. It was only better that the food was free. As a result, the athletes made the most of it, eating every fast food delight, including burgers and fries that were at disposal. British rower Cameron Nichol, who was present at the scene even took a picture of the athletes queuing up for a late night fix of fast food and tweeted, “Post ceremony mob scene at McDonald’s #finelytunedathleticmachines. Every athlete in the world wants a maccy d’s…”



Tweets Galore

More than the visit to McDonald’s itself, it was the crowd of athletes, who till a day ago were bound by strict dietary regimes, all descending upon the restaurant at once, that was the cynosure of all eyes, including the athletes themselves. One such athlete was American track cyclist Bobby Lea, who was among the late night visitors to the fast food restaurant. He also clicked a photograph and posted along with a tweet, “Post ceremony  mob scene at McDonald’s.”



No Bother About The Health Quotient McDonald;s 2

The world may be crying hoarse about the ill-effects of fast food but it seems like the Olympians themselves were not too keen to dwell on the health quotient. That was visible from the post-ceremony tweets put up by some of the athletes like rowers Hamish Bond and Eric Murray, who wrote on Twitter, “Looks like some hungry athletes at @London2012 @Olympics #McDonald’s.” A random Twitter user, who was also present at the restaurant, took a jibe at the athletes by writing, “All the athletes are probably buzzing from being able to eat free McDonald’s since finishing their events.”



The fast food giant, who has monopoly over Olympics 2012 scene, much to the chagrin of healthy eating advocates, was offering free food to the Olympics participants. For the purpose, it got built a 3,000-square-foot restaurant over two stories. The restaurant would be dismantled after the Paralympic Games are over on September 9, 2012.


Image Courtesy: thefw, newstimes

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Olympians Throng To McDonald’s Post-Games