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Discus Winner Robert Harting Celebrates Unbelievable Feat In Unbelievable Style

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Harting Celebrates


The discus winner Robert Harting had a ‘no holds bar’ celebration quite in keeping with his gigantic proportions. The mountain of a man did not get all emotional and teary eyed on bagging the gold medal with a mammoth throw of the discus. Instead he raced towards the women’s 100m hurdles track and neatly jumped over each with the 80,000 strong crowd delightedly cheering him on. That was certainly not all for the German winner though. He wanted it all and ended up celebrating his victory in a style that Great Britain has not been exposed to so far.


How Did Harting Celebrate?

Harting roared throwing his head back a la Incredible Hulk as he reached the Olympic Cauldron and tried to prise away one of its prongs. Did his diet work for him  in giving him the requisite strength, we wonder.However, the cauldron held fast and he was off to the German cruise liner, MS Deutschland, docked at London where he had an alcoholic feast with his friends. A night on the tiles after being intoxicated beyond measure saw him up and about. However, the robbers seemed to have cleaned him off by then and he had lost his accreditation as well which prevented his entry into the Olympic village. His tweet said it all. "Puuh I just got robbed while I did some work to please athletic fans! I lost my accreditation for Olympic village!” Thankfully, he has been allowed back in now and has a replacement for his lost accreditation as well.


A fitting celebration although an indisciplined one might just find him hearing a word or two from the Olympic Committee. However, the crowd loved it and Great Britain as well as Germany are wondering how the sober and discipline loving member of the German team could have had such an epic celebration. It was the heady feeling of having notched the gold coupled with alcohol  that set the athlete going. No one is complaining though. What an exciting moment in the midst of heart breaks and tears and polite words. Kudos to Harting for having shown his true feelings. Do catch him celebrating in style by watching the video below.


 Image Credit- ngngsports 

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Discus Winner Robert Harting Celebrates Unbelievable Feat In Unbelievable Style