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McFries Curl Up For Philippines Market!

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McDonald’s iconic French Fries were in the news recently when it was known that McFries would rule the roost at the London Olympics 2012. However, that is not only why or where these fries are making news. In Philippines, where McDonald’s is as popular as it is in America, the straight fries have been given the “short ‘n curly” twist. However, it remains to be seen whether the Philippines customers would become as mad for these curly fries as they are for the straight ones.



Twister Fries are Back


The curly McFries are not new on the menu. These were earlier introduced as “Twister Fries” but then taken off the menu (reasons unknown!). Now, McDo (as McDonald’s is known in Philippines) has decided to re-introduce these fries but only for a limited time, which will be three weeks. This is apparently being done to keep the produce in demand and to check the customer response as well. The Twister fries will be sold a la carte for $1.43 (or P60).


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South Asia Loves Curly Fries


Philippines is not the only country in South Asia, where the fast food giant has thought of introducing its revolutionary fry concept. China has already taken a lead in this case with the curly fry. These fries were released in Chinese McDonald’s restaurants on the occasion of Chinese New Year this year. And, instead of being yellow, these fries are typically orange in color, just the Western curly fries, with just the right amount of seasoning.


Others Want It Too


While China was the first to get the McDonald’s curly fries to Asia, Philippines has got it only recently. What about other South Asian markets, where McDonald’s fast food is already ruling the roost, like Japan. Wouldn’t they also want these delicious curly fries too? Of course! In fact, not just Sought Asia but even the American consumers want these Twister fries back. However, if you thought that McDonald's is the only fast food chain out there to appease the South Asian customers, that is not the case. Recently, Wendy's, which is growing fast outside America as well, has introduce a new "Ocean Premium" line of burgers, which contains lobster and caviar burgers. This line of burgers is not available anywhere else. 



Jealous already? Wouldn’t you love to have a taste of these fries once again? If yes, then, all you have to do is petition McDonald’s on their website and hope that they listen to you this time.


Image Courtesy: saintmarty-marty, rocketnews24

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McFries Curl Up For Philippines Market!