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Give Me Food and I Give You Baby

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Hunger indeed can drive a person crazy! Florida is booming with news one after another! Recently the police in Orange Park, Florida in the Jacksonville suburb have been on the lookout for a man reported to be trying to trade a baby and guess in lieu of what? Food! On a Saturday night the "baby trader" was seen knocking door to door at the Rodeway Inn Motel asking people if they would be interested in this despicable deal! What's more? Witnesses have said that the man was at his careless best carrying the baby like a rag doll! But sadly, the man and the baby are amiss ever since and both the police and the witnesses are concerned about the baby's welfare. Now, if you are happen to come across any such suspicious person with a baby, make a quick call to Orange Park Police Department at 904-264-5555. Media Source: <a href="">Youtube</a>

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Give Me Food And I Give You Baby Video