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No Wedding Cake for You - Colorado Bakery Hurts Gay Couple

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So, here comes another blow to the gay couples and their supporters!! The owner of Colorado's Masterpiece Cakeshop, Jack Phillips, reportedly denied to bake the wedding cake for an engaged gay couple! To hurt the sentiments of the gay couple as well as the gay marriage supporters further, the owner even went as far as declaring that he would rather shutter his business sooner than "compromise" on his beliefs! Jack Phillips stated that he was fine with transgender, lesbian, bisexual, and gay customers or even staff but is against gay marriage. Now, how can one person have "no problem" with such relationships but have a Big Problem letting those couples tie the knot? You don't seem to be knowing what you are talking about Jack! Probably you would like to re-frame your words and think before you say! The couple Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig who tie the love knot this fall in Provincetown, Massachusetts and have plan for a reception in Denver later this year, were left stunned and humiliated by this experience. Meanwhile, the bakery has already come in the hate list of Facebook users as already a Facebook group named "Boycott Masterpiece Bakeshop" has registered just a little less than 500 members. And, what's more surprising is amidst this chaos, the bakery has rather managed to get a business boom as supporters against same-sex “marriage" are coming to support Phillips. Sure keeps one guessing was this after all for business publicity?! Post your comments to let us know what do you think.. Video Source: <a href="">TYT Network</a> Image Source: <a href=""></a>

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No Wedding Cake For You - Colorado Bakery Hurts Gay Couple Video