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Wendy’s To Sell Lobster/Caviar Burgers In Japan

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One of the fastest growing fast food joints in America, Wendy’s is now on its way to leave its mark on foreign shores as well, starting with Japan. Marking its return to the country as well as the opening of its second location there on August 17, 2012, Wendy’s is going to introduce two new burgers on its menu. Both the burgers feature two fancy ingredients, unknown to Wendy’s customers in America, or even elsewhere. The burgers are being introduced as part of the restaurant’s “Ocean Premium” line and the two primary ingredients featuring on these burgers are lobster and caviar.



The Ocean Premium Line


With the launch of its second location in Japan, the fast food restaurant will start selling the two burgers – “Lobster and Caviar burger” and “Surf & Turf burger.” Both burgers will be sold for $16.28 each or 1280 yen, which is quite costly as compared to a normal burger. However, considering the ingredients that go into making these burgers, the cost may not seem to be unjustified. This line of products also contains the Ocean Premium Salad. The salad is made with lobster (of course!), caviar, and avocado, besides, red onions, eggs, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce. At a whopping $20.10 (1580 yen), the salad is, in fact, costlier than the burgers themselves.




The Burgers


In the Lobster & Caviar burger, you will get whole pieces of lobster, Canadian lobster to be precise. On the side, there is a lobster salad as well, dressed in mustard mayonnaise and caviar sprinkled atop. The other burger is made with a beef patty and lobster, so, you get to eat more lobster with the first burger. As a result, the customer may feel that he is paying too much for a burger, which has more beef than lobster.



The Japan Premium Line


The Ocean Premium line of food on Wendy’s menu is, in fact, a part of the restaurant’s Japan Premium line, which features food items made with ingredients like thick-cut Iberico bacon, porchini mushrooms, foie gras (is California listening?), and truffles. It seems like the Wendy’s is going out on all limbs to please its Japanese customers.



The Homecoming


Wendy’s was forced to back out of the Japanese burger market last year but this year, it has returned triumphantly with the launch of the second restaurant. The return has been stylishly premium too as the product line indicate. However, it may also be a clever deal on part of the restaurant management, considering the fact that the lobster market is facing record low prices for lobsters these days. Just in Maine this year, there has been a glut in lobster prices, since lobsters started to show up in abundance. While one lobsterman described the situation as “disastrous,” many of the fishermen were forced to tie up their boats and not go out fishing for lobsters.


Now, if the Japanese come to know of it, they may not be too keen to purchase a $16 lobster burger. But till that happens, let us all enjoy this seafood phenomenon at Wendy’s, if you are in Japan, that is.


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Wendy’s To Sell Lobster/Caviar Burgers In Japan