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McDonald’s Staff Saves Choking One-Yr-Old

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French Fries

It is not for nothing that McDonald’s French Fries are termed a deadly American side dish. Parents of a 14-month-old baby, Tevita and Glory realized this in the worst possible manner recently when their child, Nevaeh, choked on a fry. Fortunately, the staff of the McDonald’s outlet in Sydney, Australia, where they had taken their child for a fast food dinner, was able to save the kid in time.



When She Stopped Breathing…


It was supposed to be a fun outing for the family but turned into a nightmare. Just as her parents were watching her put the salty French fries in her mouth, the baby choked on one of the fries. The incredible video (given below) shows how the parents and people around were horrified at the ordeal of the baby. The distraught mother kept shouting, “Save my baby, she’s choking, she’s not breathing.” After a while, when the child showed no signs of recovery, her mother started crying horribly.



McD Staff Turns Samaritan


While the parents were running around with the choking baby in their arms, customers were also clueless about what to do to salvage the situation. At this juncture, the restaurant staff stepped in and rose to the occasion. With little Nevaeh lying their on the counter, struggling for breath, restaurant manager James Hatcher started to dislodge the chip from the throat of the baby. By this time, she had already started to turn blue.



Everybody Pitched In


In addition to the members of the staff at the McDonald’s, random customers at the restaurant also did their bit. One such customer, Naomi Donovan, said, “At the time I grabbed her, she was limp, really limp, going blue she wasn’t breathing. She is in my hands, I’m staring at her parents screaming and crying.” The restaurant was also in touch with the emergency staff, who gave them instruction on phone on how to handle the situation.



It was only after three long minutes that the child started breathing again, much to the relief of her parents, the rest of the customers and the restaurant staff. She was admitted to a hospital later on but was discharged only after a night’s stay. The McDonald’s staff member, who helped the kid breath again, has also received an award for the thoughtful behavior.

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McDonald’s Staff Saves Choking One-Yr-Old