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Ice Cream Ad Chills But Does Not Thrill

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Little Baby's ice-Cream- scary Advert

Little Baby’s Ice Cream, the Philadelphia based shop for frozen confectionaries has been caught in the eye of a storm. It’s latest advert doing the rounds on YouTube has unleashed a wave of hate mail and protest letters, claiming it to be the most bizarre and terrifying commercial for ice cream ever.


What Is So Scary?

The ad in question shows a man totally covered in vanilla ice cream who continues to remain stone faced while scooping out his own head and eating it. Parents and child psychologists across the nation have been horrified by the way it tries to popularize a yummy delight like ice cream. It is indeed black humor at its macabre best.


The worst part of the commercial is the sing song voice over which goes on waxing eloquent about the product  and saying things like, "When you eat Little Baby's Ice Cream you'll wink and nod and hug and high five each other with great enthusiasm." Leave alone babies, most parents would be **** scared simply by looking it and might never be able to sleep again after braving it fully.


How Is The Ice-Cream?

While the products are certainly not weird  being allergy friendly and made from non dairy sources . They are also gluten free  as well as vegan, but hardly likely to appeal to people who have decided to watch the advert. Aptly named, “This is a Special Time”, the commercial gives no solution about how not to get scared by the ad. The ‘Love Licker’s Ad’ released last May was equally creepy which makes the store unique in targeting its potential customers by scaring the bejesus out of them. It has the potential to go viral on the Internet and has already been tweeted about extensively. However, encouraging cannibalistic  tendencies in the young isn’t quite a virtue and Little Baby’s Ice Cream shop is definitely on the receiving end this time as thousands of people voice their protests.


Do watch the video below and let us know whether you would dare to go into the Little Baby’s Ice Cream store and order it now or would you be too terrified to do it?


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Ice Cream Ad Chills But Does Not Thrill