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Curiosity Nails Mars

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Curiosity Lands on Mars

The scientists at NASA are celebrating today! Curiosity, the sophisticated rover has successfully touched down on Mars after covering a distance of 352 million miles. There was indeed a ‘7-minute of panic’ felt by the human hands guiding the space craft as it plunged through the red planet’s atmosphere. The aim of the hugely expensive voyage is to look for signs of life and the results of this mission might well guide the 8 men strong crew to travel the same route once again in 2030.


A group of professionals are already engaged in developing space friendly food for the Mars crew No, it isn’t in form of a boring pill. On the contrary, it may well include a fully festive fare like roast chicken and mashed potatoes giving the space travelers a well earned Thanksgiving treat as they land on the red dusty surface of Mars.


Do check out the first pictures from Mars meanwhile. We are keeping our fingers crossed about the possibility of little green men in the form of Martians popping up to say ‘hello’.


Image Credit-ecorazzi


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Curiosity Nails Mars