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Fast Food & Gay Marriage

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Chick-fil-A Hates Gays?The Atlanta based fast food chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A seems to have stirred a hornets’ nest that too just before the US Presidential elections. The trouble began when its Presidet Dan Cathy known for his staunch Christian views, said that he supported the traditional family unit as opposed to same sex ones. All hell broke loose after that with many of the general public openly condemning it. Politician joined in the fray too as did various companies around the nation and suddenly being seen carrying one of Chick-fil-A bag isn’t such a cool thing to do anymore.


The Protestors

Gays and lesbians from all walks of life as well as their supporters protested vociferously  against Cathy’s views while the former GOP candidate Rick Santorum and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel openly chastised the restaurant chain. "How backward and ignorant ... how sad," said Joe Brown, a CNN reader, a statement wholeheartedly supported by various supporters of same sex marriage rights. They also went as far a asking for a total ban on Chick-fil-A with quite a few of them deciding that food from the popular restaurant was not going to enter their houses ever.


Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco apart from Chicago aren’t really buying Cathy’s views. They want nothing to do with the chain and have warned the company to keep off their states.


The Supporters

Rev. Billy Graham, the high profile clergyman has, however, supported Cathy without reservation. He praised the proprietor of the Atlnta based chicken fast food saying that he has watched the God fearing family for years as they built up their company by sheer hard work without compromising on Christian views. They are also the only restaurant chain to remain closed on Sudays so that their employees can attend Church. This speaks of great tradition says Graham who isn’t quite so open on other issues like this.


A lot of their loyal customers have also pledged their support by posting messages on the copany’s Facebook page. Even some of those not practicing Christianity are all for Cathy and his views on marriage. In fact, Greg Tanner, one of the fans of the chicken meals said his respect and appreciation for the chain has virtually tripled after the statement.


All politicians aren’t for Gay marriage either. Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Santorum are all for Chick-fil-A and have been busy garnering support for it.


How The Public Is Supporting It?

Huckabee has invited residents of Arkansas on Facebook and requested them to show up at the local outlet of the restaurant chain on Wednesday next. This would be their way of showing Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, he stressed. The results have been astounding as more than 300,000 have accepted the invitation by Friday.


The ones opposed to Dan Cathy are not yielding though. In fact, “The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation” or GLAAD are planning to hold a “National Same-Sex Kiss Day” at all the outlets of Chick-fil-A countrywide.


Chick-fil-A has vowed to follow its tradition meanwhile while trying to steer clear of political controversies. The statement hasn’t quite appeased the Gay Rights Brigade though and the opening of the new branch at Laguna Hills, California was disrupted by them.


The impact isn’t expected to be long lasting says Koert Van Ittersum,a management Guru at  Georgia Tech. The bottomline of Chic-fil-A is bound to be affected marginally before another fresh controversy breaks and all is forgotten.


What are your views on this? Are you planning to attend Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day or would you rather take part in the “National Same-Sex Kiss Day”? Do tell.


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Fast Food & Gay Marriage