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It’s Seven Contestants Again In MasterChef Season 3

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MasterChef Season 3The MasterChef kitchen contestants have it easy  this Monday as all of them amble up to the gallery as per the instructions of the judges. However, the surprising fact is the entry of the last eight eliminated participants. They are being given a second chance and are determined to let nothing stand in their way as they get ready to face the challenge once more.


Eliminated Contestants Cook Again!

Each of them head for the pantry in order to get the ingredients of their choice. They will be cooking with their own selected ingredients plus a few of the staples. The best two dishes will see their creators go head-to-head and the winner will ultimately have another go at the competition.


An odd assortment of ingredients including heavy cream, chocolate buttons, celery, pomegranate and white wine are chosen by the eight in the fray. The strange collection makes Joe quip, "This isn't a Mystery Box, this is a freak show!"


The contestants are ready at the end of an hour and the judges gear up for a tasting session. Chocolate Mousse by Josh containing a pomegranate reduction impresses the judges but Anne’s pan seared chop of pork seems to be a trifle overcooked. Stacey is “back with a vengeance” according to Chef Ramsay and wows all with her ravioli. However, it is Ryan and Josh who are judged as the best of the lot and get ready for direct cooking combat.


The last 6 are waiting in the gallery and will serve as judges here. Ryan isn’t too worried though as it is going to be a blind taste test. The challenge is to make a simple and wholesome fruit tart. Josh proclaims his fondness for exotic fruits while Ryan is happy with his choice of a berry tart embellished with blood orange cream. The trio of regular judges are impressed by the outcome but the six new judges for today declare Josh’s offering the best and he wins his apron, getting a chance to compete in the kitchen of MasterChef once again.


Time To Shortlist The Best 6 Again!

The Next day dawns bright and clear and its seven participants once again having a go at the Mystery Box challenge. Spot prawns from Santa Barbara are the focus of the episode and while the contestants get set to cook it, the judges discuss various upscale dishes thay have tasted featuring the prawn in question.


Grilled prawns by Becky and Prawn-pineapple broth by Christine who is visually challenged takes care of the top two positions. However, it is David’s prawn ceviche that sees him catapult right to the top. The next leg of the competition gives David the advantage of choosing a particular ingredient with which the competitors must make a dessert. He goes with the corn and also gets a sneak peek into three different corn based desserts, a further boost for him as the winner.



Becky and Frank prepare the best dessert but David, Felix and Josh fall woefully short of the challenge. Felixs' profiteroles turn out to be her bane and she is packed off home thus ending a chance to win the coveted MasterChef apron this season.


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It’s Seven Contestants Again In MasterChef Season 3