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Olympic Players Prefer To Fast During Ramadan

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Fasting During London Olympics

London Olympics is just round the corner now and people all around the world are gearing up to watch the greatest sporting spectacle of the world. The sportspersons are also hoping to give it their best shot and win a prestigious medal for themselves and their country. However, certain players are now facing a dilemma, a unique problem that has left them totally bewildered. You see, it is the Holy month of Ramadan now, the month when all good Muslims fast  from dawn to dusk.  So how can the sportsmen go without food yet surmount the necessary energy required to compete with the best in the world?


The problem has been tackled differently by different countries. While London Olympic Committee has been making all arrangements including providing special halal food  for the believers, it is the players themselves who want to observe the holy month. However, their countries have permitted them to postpone the spiritual observation which they can adhere to on returning to their homeland.


Who Will Fast During Olympics

The Dutch coach of the Moroccan football team is a worried man indeed! He had specifically requested his team to keep up their strength by eating regularly but the players are adamant. The goalkeeper, Yassine Bounou stated, “We must fast because this is an obligation and I think that God will help us on the day of the games." He along with his team mates believe that God will be kind to them and they will be able to give it their best shot.


Hamid Alderei of the UAE is in the hunt for a medal in Judo but he is now only training after dusk as he gets to eat only after sun down. Niger has only a handful of athletes taking part and Zakari Gourouza is the only one not fasting throughout the day.


Some games are less demanding than others and players of team games can still hope to compete while fasting. But events like boxing, wrestling, gymnastics , and weight lifting need instant energy and stamina while going without food for long hours may zap the athletes of their strength making them lose out in the competition.


What Are The Regulations?

The Koran does not force every practicing Muslim to observe Ramadan. In fact, it excuses the ill and traveling from the rigorous practices. Thus the problem isn’t really a problem at all. All players who have traveled to London would be absolved of guilt according to the Holy Book but then the devout sportsmen have their own opinions.


The Olympic Committee from UAE has simply left the decision on its players there's no strict jurisdiction binding them to observe Ramadan. Ahmad Habash,  hoping for a medal in sailing has found out a unique solution to his predicament. He fasts according to the time in his country Egypt which makes it okay for him to eat at 7 PM. However, he says that he will not test his strength during the actual event but has decided to re-fast once he gets back.


The London Olympics Committee has made every arrangement for the faithful though, there is a quiet room for prayers and copies of the holy Koran apart from the right kind of food being served. The Muslims are well pleased with it and hope to do their country proud by winning golds  in spite of the fasting.


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Olympic Players Prefer To Fast During Ramadan