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US Restaurants Fear Table No. 13

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Table No 13

The number 13 is regarded with apprehension even at this day and age. Restaurants and eateries are not quite infallible to this particular superstition known as Triskaidekaphobia or an unreasonable fear of 13 either.  While you are welcome to book a table at a Michelin starred  restaurant across USA, quite a few of them will not offer you Table no. 13 simply because the table is nonexistent.


The Reason For Avoiding No. 13

The Michelin restaurant, Gilt within the New York Palace Hotel has done away with the unlucky number because it is a cool thing to do. Besides, celebs from every walk of life are known to harbor superstitions and do get terribly upset if something happens to be out of the ordinary. Robert Honeycutt, the general manager at the eatery endorses the view. He also feels that it is part of the age old tradition and Gilt likes to adhere to it.


While some people think nothing of dining on the 13th day of a month, others are terrified of the date or of having 13 people seated around a table not to speak of dining on Table No. 13. The fear can of course be traced back to the last supper where Judas, the thirteenth man at the table betrayed Christ. While people in general are not quite so superstitious anymore, the dining scene remains unaltered despite making progress in terms of cuisine and service. Manhattan’s Le Bernardin joins Gilt in refusing to number any of their tables as 13. NYC based Parm restaurant has a different story to tell though. No. 13 is very much in evidence there and the person taking reservations confirmed that  the thirteenth party looking for a table might end up with it unless specifically asked to avoid it. The Palm Downtown of Los Angeles is open to the idea too. But then it is founded by Italian Americans who do not fear 13. No. 17 is another matter for the residents of Italy though. The scenario in UK is slightly better. The Old world seems to have let go of the ancient fears based on biblical myths and the Guardian reports only 2 of the top 14 eateries in London  do give the unlucky number any weightage.


With innovative cuisines and gourmet dining rapidly becoming popular, the old significance of the unlucky 13 might soon cease to plague the hip and happening crowd. However, an underlying fear of the unknown continues to lurk with even newer establishments giving in to the tradition and steering clear of 13.


Would you like to book Table 13 on Friday the 13th or are you quacking in your boots at the thought? Do share your experiences with us.


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US Restaurants Fear Table No. 13