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Burglar Tempted By Cheese Not Cash

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Cheese Preferred Over Cash

A bizarre case of break in took place in Florida last month surprising all and sundry. A Pizza Hut outlet of Altamonte Springs was the target of a lone burglar who broke into the store in the dead of night. Unable to lay his hands on the cash kept securely locked within a cash box, the thief made off with a couple of boxes containing mozzarella cheese , an essential ingredient of pizza. The police remain baffled about the intentions of the burglar and have released a video of the suspect. Interesting, isn’t it? Do read on for details.


Clues Left By The Burglar

Well, apparently the police were alerted by the burglar alarm emitting from the eatery and arrived at once. The culprit had fled by then but a look at the surveillance cameras gave the authorities many clues about the person they were looking for.The man was not wearing any shoes but made a ruckus as he smashed the restaurant window with the aid of a crowbar. Once inside, he made a beeline for the cash box and attempted to break it open by throwing it forcefully on the ground. One wonders why he just didn’t use the crowbar that proved to be such a handy tool in providing him access. Police officer Robert Pelton sounded perplexed as he reported how the thief went straight to the refrigerator and made away with two heavy cases of mozzarella cheese. A good way to convey that you are cheesed off, I guess!


Details Of the Culprit

The details of the intruder have been made public now and the burglar is described as a white, Caucasian male around 6 feet tall. His weight is average and could range anywhere between 180 pounds to 200 pounds and he was wearing a blue shirt and tan color cargoes along with a black baseball cap covering his head. Wonder why he thought it was essential to cover his head but keep his feet bare? Any guesses?


The News has been making headlines for quite a few days now and the authorities are skeptical of bringing the cheese burglar to book unless the public can spot him and report promptly. The owner of the Pizza Hut outlet is not too worried though. Afterall,  the mozzarella must have cost him much less than what he would have lost if the burglar could lay his hands on cash. The pepperoni stored within the same refrigerator wasn’t touched though which makes us wonder whether the burglar happened to be a vegetarian.


Take a look at the video released by the authorities and see if you can spot him one of these days.



This case doesn’t really have any connections with the weird theft of Spanish garlic  by Romanian thieves. Well, they are both great as pizza toppings of course but I’m sure the Pizza Hut owner can’t stop saying cheese now that his cash is safe.


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Burglar Tempted By Cheese Not Cash