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Tap Water Sold For Top Dollar At NYC Cafe

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Tap Water SellsNew York City has seen it all, from quaint bistros to plush cafes and gourmet star restaurants and of course the omnipresent Starbucks when all you want is a refreshing cup of coffee. But wait, here’s an absolutely new kind of café that is keen on getting people hooked on water not coffee. Yes, you’ve read it right, it’s the good ol purified H2O  from the NYC  taps that’s been selling at $2.50.



The Reason Behind The Opening Of  ‘Molecule’

The owner of Molecule or Water Café, Adam Ruhf is all for treating water respectfully and consciously, hence this enterprise. It is not only the local residents who can carry away purified water in gallons, even an occasional passerby is entitled to stop by and have a drink provided he pays for it. What is more, he can choose to make a cocktail out of his Aqua Pura by mixing it with various medicinal herbs or vitamin supplements. Ruhf is himself a firm believer in the cleansing and purifying properties of water and swears that he recovered from the dreadful aftereffects of two car accidents by drinking pure water. The  mishaps have left him functioning without his spleen and he has a leg put  together with the aid of metal pins. Accumulation of toxins in the body due to impure water can seriously jeopardize your health and interfere with timely recovery,  he feels.


Purification Process

The process of getting rid of all possible contaminants in the tap water is done by passing it trough a huge 8 feet filter, placed behind the store counter. This custom-made device had set Ruhf by almost $20000 and is believed to perform ozone treatment, reverse osmosis, removal of ultra violet rays, the works!!! All customers get a choice of supplemented water and purified water attractively labeled as “To Go Glass of Water”.  While the idea of drinking water free from chlorine, fluorine as well as other heavy compounds is nothing new, the opportunity to buy water mixed with herbs that boost immunity and energy is certainly a novel concept.


The medicinal roots and herbs have been sourced from far-flung out places like Tibet, Nepal and China. Ruhf, himself worked closely with the chemists and nutritionists in order to create a potent water supplement which will help to keep one healthy.


What Next?

The store is currently located at the junction of Avenue A and First Avenue although Ruhf has plans of providing delivery service with the aid of three wheeled bikes eventually. The service will be free for patrons who order 5 gallons or more at a time.


Ruhf was keen on the locality because he felt the younger residents would understand and appreciate the concept. He wasn’t entirely wrong as Benjamin Seiter, a local realtor is completely bowled over by the water supplements. A glass of these supplements at the beginning as well as the end of the day has become mandatory for Seiter now and he does not regret his initial reaction of, "It was sweet and tasted good.”


We do know that drinking water is good for us, purified water even more so but being addicted to it  comes with its own perils. "We are trying to change the way people think about water," Ruhf said. But we have our doubts. Do you think paying for a glass of purified tap water is a good idea or  is it all a big rip-off? Do let us know as we keep our eyes open for more on the Molecule.


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Tap Water Sold For Top Dollar At NYC Cafe