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Burger King Employee Puts Foot In Lettuce!

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Burger King

You may not have heard of this one! Putting one's foot in mouth is a common disease but a Burger King employee has gone ahead and put his feet into lettuce. While the said employee has been fired by the company after he posted his photograph online, the incident has, once again, brought back the attention to the food crimes taking place inside restaurant kitchens throughout America.



The Anonymous Photo

It all started with an anonymous photo that the said employee posted online, in which, he showed himself standing inside two containers of shredded lettuce, with his shoes on. The photo was seriously gross but even more gross was the caption, which read, "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." Looks like the handiwork of a disgruntled employee, but nothing has been said on that.



The Investigation

The photo was uploaded on the website 4chan and immediately after it went viral, the 4chan users had tracked the employee down to a Burger King outlet in Ohio, thanks to the forensic details of the picture. When asked about their reaction, a Burger King spokesperson said, "We are investigating the matter and will take appropriate action as necessary." Right after that, Burger King manager predicted that the employee involved in this incident would "lose his job." The manager said, "Whoever this is is getting fired. And whoever the manager was at that time will be fired too." Quite rightly, the employee was promptly fired by Burger King, as per a company release.



Don't Play With Food

After the Burger King was alerted and also the local media, one proactive Internet user posted the photo to Reddit forum with the warning, "Don't fuck with people's food." By way of damage control, Denise Wilson, Manager (Global Communications) for Burger King, issued a statement, "Burger King Corp. has recently been made aware of a photo posted on a social networking site that allegedly shows a Burger King restaurant employee violating the company's stringent food handling procedures. Food safety is a top priority at all Burger King restaurants and the company maintains a zero-tolerance policy against violations such as the one in question."


It is an established fact that junk food can impact your behavior but whether serving junk food or cooking junk food can do so too, is proved by this mad employee, oops, sorry, ex-employee of Burger King.


Image Courtesy: cleveland , thetwistgossip 

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Burger King Employee Puts Foot In Lettuce!