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Free Snacks For Bowing To The Vending Machine

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Delite-O-Matic machineFantastic Snack Foods, a fast food manufacturer from Australia has come up with a unique and slightly weird idea of dispensing snacks through its vending machine. The Delite-O-Matic machine is designed in such way that the public would have to obey its commands before they get to receive a pack of rice based crisps.




So what does the vending machine desire? A public spectacle by the general people which includes bowing down and paying obeisance to it. And you would hardly believe that the public would be willing to go through such embarrassing actions all for the sake of some chips. But there you have it! People have been thronging the machine since it first made its appearance with more and more joining the fray. Anything to get a pack of free rice chips! Speak of a whacky vending machine !



How does it work

The very first person to reach out for the button was given his chips without a murmur from Delite-O-Matic. The next one in queue had to press the button twice. The demands of the vending machine went on increasing and by the time the 5,000 th customer had hit the button as many times, the machine became demanding indeed. The next one was in for a shock. He was asked to kneel down in front of the Delite-O-Matic and satisfy all its requests thereafter bowing low before it as if the chips vending machine was the almighty himself.



Did It Work?

Fantastically so! The latest results coming in say that more than 1984 bowed before it and went home munching the chips. Hopping and dancing at the same time is likely to follow but we wonder what would be the final wish of Delite-O-Matic, the Lord God of chips.


Why did fantastic Delite resort to such a gimmick, one wonders. Whatever might have been their thoughts it has proved to be an exemplary piece of marketing campaign and few companies would be able to match its popularity in the near future.


Take a look at the video below and let us know whether you think that the company had gone too far in allowing their machine to play God. Or do you think it is a fun way of selling. Do let us know and we will keep you updated with the antics of the Delite-O-Matic Version 2.0 whenever it is made public.


Image Credit- theinspirationroom 


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Free Snacks For Bowing To The Vending Machine