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Foodies Get A Chance To Win Love Via Reality Show

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Foodie Dating

Reality shows on the tele have been a hit for years. Whatever be the nature of the show, it is bound to notch up a loyal fan list within days of being telecast. NBC   is not going to be left behind here either. The channel has decided to successfully combine two of the most popular aspects of contests, i.e. food and love. The makers of the show has tried to come up with a winning combination by incorporating parts of  MasterChef as well as ‘ The Bachelor ‘ . The Bachelorette even had their guys baking in one of the episodes . It will currently be open for New York guys who are keen to win the affections of prospective dates via their foodie knowledge.



What Are They Looking For?

The advertisement issued by the channel tells us that NBC is looking for eligible bachelors or single men who would be able to prove their mettle in the kitchen. That is not all, they would have to keep their cool while proceeding to chop and fry and answer the lovely lady’s prying questions at the same time.  Now, that’s a challenge for sure! But who can resist the opportunity of impressing a beautiful young lady simply by showing off his culinary skills. Better still, the ad also emphasizes that you don’t really have to be a whiz in the kitchen in order to win over your date. A thought that is bound to gladden the hearts of young men waiting to date the right woman.


The Desired Qualities

The casting is on at present with NBC looking for “genuinely single real men and women” to take part in its fun dating show. A sense of humor, bantering skills and willingness to joke about yourself while revealing funny personal experiences is a must though and NBC is hoping to put together its first group of participants together soon.


The best dish that impresses the girl counts in the end. You’ve got yourself a date if you successfully manage to find your way to her heart via her stomach. Well, the old adage has been reversed for now. It sure will please the feminists for once as the fair sex gets to be in a win-win situation for once. Any Takers?


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Foodies Get A Chance To Win Love Via Reality Show