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Taco Bell Serves Meat With Cardboard!

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You have read about a customer suing Taco Bell for too little meat in his order. Now read about the Tex-Mex chain selling ‘cardboard meat’ to its customers, well, just one customer, for now! The news first came up on the Reddit forum, where a user leewickert posted a photograph of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, which his friend had bought from a Taco Bell outlet in Milwaukee. He posted the photo with this caption, “My friend ordered a cheesy Gordita crunch with a Doritos taco inside. This happened.”



Where is the Meat?

If you thought, what is wrong with a simple Cheesy Gordita Crunch, here is the next part of the news. Leewickert’s friend found out that the taco in his order came along with its cardboard cover. To top it, the cardboard-covered taco was placed inside a Gordita, slathered in mayo. Well, it goes without saying that the poor customer could not bring himself to take his first bite out of the order. Instead, he went online and posted the photograph for everyone to see. Reddit users were quick to give their opinions.



The Reactions

One Reddit user wrote, “Redditor sacrifices a cheesy Gordita crunch by rearranging the soft shell and cardboard for sweet front page karma.” When the user informed that the store took the cardboard taco back and replaced it with a normal one. Another comment on that was, “took it back they gave me another. Kind of a boring story to an exciting (?) photo!”



Taco Bell’s Past History

Recently, Taco Bell was caught up in another controversy regarding creating an advertisement out of the goodwill gesture  for the Bethel town in Alaska. But it seems, the chain has not had its fill yet. Time and again, Taco Bell has come under fire for the quantity of meat served in its products. The product in question, this time, was Taco Bell Chalupa Supreme. In a class-action lawsuit, filed in California, it came to our knowledge that the meat mixture, used in Taco Bell products, “contains less than 35% meat.” The claimants of this lawsuit said in the court that it was wrong on part of Taco Bell to sell or advertise its food as “beef.” Taco Bell spokesperson Rob Poetsch reacted thus, “Taco Bell prides itself on serving high quality Mexican inspired food with great value. We’re happy that the millions of customers we serve every week agree.”


What would the judge, hearing this lawsuit, say to the incident reported by leewickert? That Taco Bell is selling its products complete with the cardboard packaging would surely rule against the company. What do you think?



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Taco Bell Serves Meat With Cardboard!