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Hungry Cowboys Eat At MasterChef Season 3 Kitchen

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MasterChef Season 3

It’s time to cook for the cowboys at the MasterChef competition. The judges arrive with much fanfare at the venue of the event which is Norco, Horsetown this time. Elated from being on horseback Joe Bastianich and Ramsay inform the contestants to get prepared to feed 101 hungry cowboys.



Meeting The Challenge

So its 101 steaks to prepare plus two side dishes each and the contestants are divided into two teams, Red and Blue as usual. The first team to go through will need 51 points from the cowboys who will show their appreciation by hanging a horseshoe. Frank and Monti get to choose their teams but are in for a shock as Chef Ramsay asks them to switch the teams.


The teams settle down to work with fresh produce flown from Walmart and USDA approved rib eye steaks along with New York strips. Frank’s menu is simple and wholesome while the Red team led by Monti decide to go for a rib-eye stek accompanied by some spicy greens and mashed sweet potatoes, a fare not too cowboyish in nature feel her team members.


Christine, the visually challenged member faces a mishap as her corn husks catch fire when left in the grill. Graham Elliot steps in to help and soon has it under control. All is hunky dory after that as the teams work fastidiously trying to serve the cowboys in time.


The Outcome

Stacey’s barbecue sauce receives kudos while the Blue Team gain momemtum having secured the first 8 votes. However, there are some complaints about the overdone steak while Red Team scrambles to make more sweet potato mash they run out of it completely. In the end, the BlueTeam emerges as the winner while the Red Team members with the exception of Felix, who recives immunity have to face the ‘Pressure Test’.


The Pressure Test

The members are provided with 6 eggs and told to prepare a soft boil, poach, fried egg and a 3-egg omelet with them. Josh disappoints on all counts and is asked to leave the MasterChef kitchen for good.


Paula Deen & Her Challenge

The seven left meet with Paula Deen, the celeb chef who joins the trio of regular MasterChef judges. The Mystery Box, this time contains several ingredients required to make the good ol Southern comfort food. “I want to see one of them do the best kick-ass fried chicken I’ve ever put in my mouth.”  Remarks Paula as she proceeds to taste every dish. The contestants now have to get ready to meet a completely opposite challenge, that of cooking a Japanese dish in pairs.


The competition is heating up no doubt and we sincerely feel that the quality of cooking has exceeded the normal expectations. However, Stacey loses out on this one and Christine escapes by a whisker. Joe Bastianich  had in fact given her a chance to prove herself once before and stands by his decision saying that he was glad he did so.


Whether its Monti or Felix or even the challenged Christine who would get title of the next MasterChef remains to be seen. We are keeping our fingers crossed, meanwhile.


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Hungry Cowboys Eat At MasterChef Season 3 Kitchen