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This Is One Really Insane Whopper!!!

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The fast food is really becoming insane these days. Just when you thought that deep-fried samoas or Heart-Attack burgers would be the last word in the disgustingly unhealthy foods, here comes the Burger King Whopper with a thousand slices of cheese in it. This time, it has happened in a country known for its health-fanatic people, Japan. A Japanese reporter ordered this obscene Whopper from a Burger King outlet in Japan and then actually sat down and finished it off. If that ain't insane, what is?


First, the Figure


The specifications of this 1000-cheese slice burger are no less than stomach-churning. This burger weighs 282gms and contains 661kcal. The toppings, which in this case are nothing but cheese slices, together count for 45,000kcal. That makes the burger calorie-count to be a total of 45,661kcal. We are no mathematicians but that amount would sure feed a small village somewhere in a third world country for a few weeks, at least. What a waste!


The Bacon Fatigue


As if the cheese stunt was not enough to jolt people out of their seats, it is being reported that the same guy had also ordered another Whopper, a few months earlier, from the same fast food chain in Japan, but that time, his choice of toppings was strips of bacon - 1,050 in number. At that time, while most people would be wondering how this man's arteries were holding out for him, he was only worried about the bacon smell in his office room. As is evident, he did not learn his lesson, so, this time, he went after the cheese and how!

Whopper 2

3-Day Notice!


The Burger King outlet that served the 1000-slice burger to the Japanese man informed that it was informed three days in advance for a Whopper with that number of slices. The outlet manager was gracious to the reporter and asked him to pick up his order in three days' time. The Burger King staff was generous enough to put together a makeshift box for him to carry his whopper of an order! Thus, the glutton Japanese was able to shift his order to his office.


The Way He Ate It!


He started with unwrapping the burger, of course, and to the astonishment of his colleagues in the office, he found that the upper half of the bun had fallen to the side. Not disheartened by this slight upset, the man sat down to finish the task. His comment on the burger, "At first I thought it would be too rich and greasy, but I was surprised to find that it had an incredibly mellow and crisp flavor." He seemed least perturbed of the fact that he was eating cheese by the handfuls. However, even he could not go on forever. He could eat just 350 out of the thousand slices before remarking, "It tastes good, but if I eat any more I won't have room for dinner." Yeah sure!


Just like it happened with the bacon Whopper, it was the reporter's office colleagues, who were left to finish what he could not, but, of course, with help of a lot of bread.

Image Courtesy: whatsonsanya, kotaku

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This Is One Really Insane Whopper!!!