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French Wine Keeps Cows Happy

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Cow Drinks WineFrench wine is the best in the world agree most men but now even the cows have joined in the fray . A study conducted in Spain and Canada had hinted at keeping the cows happy  in order to get  better quality of beef. Jean-Charles Tastavy, the wine maker from the South of France leapt at the chance of experimenting with it and proceeded to keep the bovine population happy and tipsy at the same time. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, the beef producers of Kobe, Japan had long wondered about the effect of wine on their cows with some of them even massaging the booze into their hides thereby softening them appreciably. A few of the Japanese cows are also known to have developed a taste for the occasional froth filled beer which helps to enhance their appetite thereby fattening them.  



The Reason

The maker of the wine Languedoc-Roussillon had a different notion altogether. He wondered whether it would be possible to gladden the hearts of  the prime beef yielding cows by providing them with a glass of wine regularly. He teamed up with the local farmer, Claude Chaballier and isolated three cows to begin his experiment in earnest.


What the Cows Ate?

Tastavy fed them with pomace, the grape residue after pressing them for wines. The residue was well diluted with water and the cows were happy to get a taste of the exotic beverage after their monotonous feed.  It was real wine from Saint-Geniès des Mourgues after that. The cows were as pleased with it as Tastavy who remarked, “the cows appreciated the menu and ate with enjoyment.”


The Results

Well, the French cows are in for a happy time it seems. They are now being given up to two bottles of the intoxicating wine daily based on quantity recommended by the local authorities. The results have been spectacular to say the least. It isn’t only the spirits of the cows that have improved, the quality of beef has been enhanced beyond imagination too. The produce named as, ‘luxury beef’ is extremely tender, marbled and has an excellent texture. It also happens to caramelize easily allowing one to create novel dishes that can certainly be termed as gourmet. Laurent Pource, the Michelin starred chef from France is all praise for the “viande de luxe”(luxury beef) and endorses the fact that there is indeed a market for it among the foodies.


The experiment became so much of a success that Chaballier and Tastavy have decided to continue with it. They have also coined an entirely new term, “Vinbovin” for the special quality wine fed beef  which is simply an amalgamation of the French terms for wine and bovine.


The meat does not come cheap. Feeding 1 liter -1.5 liters of wine to the cows daily is an expensive affair and a kg of luxury beef  is now priced at $122. After all, you do have to pay for quality. No one is complaining though.


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French Wine Keeps Cows Happy