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Let’s Go To The Gelato Museum!

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Gelato 1Till now, you have only enjoyed a good gelato recipe with your tongue, now let your eyes savor the Italian dessert too. This would be possible, September onwards, at the Carpigiani Gelato Museum, the first of its kind to be opened in the Italian city of Bologna. A trip to Italy would now be incomplete without a visit to this unique museum, which is completely devoted to the past, present and future of the Italian ice cream.



The Gelato Museum



For starters, the museum will showcase the world’s first recipe for gelato. The recipe is quite old, naturally, but you are free to copy it at home. Besides, there will be a display of gelato-making machines, 20 in all. All these machines are of vintage quality and you will also be told about the way these machines worked or what kind of gelatos did they churn out. The machines displayed at the museum include those made with wood and iron. The museum is spread over an area of 1000sq meters and it was built at a cost of about $2 million. There is a garden in the center of the Museum, which connects the different parts of the Museum with each other. Carpigiani, a manufacturing company with headquarters in Anzola Emilia, manufactures gelato. The company is also behind this museum.



Point of Reference Carpigiani



The company has described the museum as a means to "highlight the roots and history of this quality food and the gelato artisans that produce it." A press release on the occasion of the announcement stated, "The objective of the Carpigiani Gelato Museum is to become a point of reference for the sector." According to the architects and curators involved in this venture said, "From its origins to today, the museum features an interactive tour that highlights three principal themes regarding gelato: the evolution of gelato over time, the history of production technology, and the places and means of consuming gelato. More than 20 original machines will find a new home in the Carpigiani Gelato Museum, along with multimedia presentations, 10,000 historical images and documents, precious accessories and tools of the trade from ages past, video interviews, and workshops." This is the reason why the Gelato Museum is generating such noise in the world media.



Gelato MuseumThe Origin of Gelato



Right now, there is serious debate over who or which community has invented gelato. Some say it was the Arab invaders who came to Spain and Sicily while others believe it was the ancient Romans who invented gelato. The Gelato Museum would be able to throw some light on this fact, it is hoped. For starters, Andrea Cocchi, the director-general of the Carpigiani Group, explains, "Gelato is typically made locally and served very fresh. It has a much lower fat content than ice cream, especially the stuff which is made in the United States."



Whether it was the Arabs or the Romans who invented gelato, it is the Italians who can lay the present claim on it because no Italian dessert menu can be complete without this delightful treat. Though the Museum would be inaugurated only in September, the reservations will be open from July 14. At present, tickets are being sold free of cost but reservation is still required. The Museum will also arrange for Artisan Gelato Workshops for adults, youth, and children. You can make reservations at the Museum website.


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Let’s Go To The Gelato Museum!