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Green Party’s Prez Nominee Is Truly ‘Green’

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jill Stein 1For Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for the Presidential elections, ‘politics is the mother of all illnesses.” That is why she has started practicing politics along with being a physician. However, her other major love is cooking her own organic meals, for an hour every day. A country where presidential nominees are known to hog like anything on unhealthy foods, Jill Stein does come across like a breath of fresh air with her ‘healthy’ ideas!



Picking Carrots!



Don’t get us wrong but that is what Stein was doing last week in Boston and it shows her love for healthy eating. In fact, Stein has co-authored two reports, “Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging” and “In Harm’s Way: Toxic Threats to Child Development.” The first report was published in 2009 and the second was published in 2000. Both the reports were well-received and translated into different languages. In these reports, Stein has talked passionately about promotion needed for green economies, sustainable practices in agriculture, and freedom from toxins. Her “Healthy People, Healthy Planet” program, which teaches about links between human health, green economies, and climate security, has been widely used by the government, public health agencies, and at medical conferences. Through her reports and the program, Stein has been an active contributor to public policies on healthy living.



Stein on Good Dieting 



Besides promoting healthy living, Dr. Stein is also an advocate of healthy dieting. She believes that dieting affects not only your body, but also your brain, your lifestyle, and ultimately the environment. Therefore, she feels that dieting in a proper manner is important. In this regard, she is all praise for the Mediterranean Diet. Speaking to a website sometime ago, Stein had said, “Being able to consume fat while dieting may make the Mediterranean Diet plan easier for some people to adhere to. And, as a largely plant-based diet, Mediterranean Diet plan is good for the planet as well as for people.”



Stein vs. Nader 


Jill Stein 2


Ralph Nader, who was the Green Party’s presidential candidate in 2000, was known to be a game-changer in that he siphoned off just enough votes to tilt the elections in favor of the Republican George W. Bush. But unlike Nader, Stein is hardly a known face in the political circles, which is evident from the incident where a local cook asked the person introducing Stein at a public event, “President of What?” when she was introduced as a candidate running to become the President. While the Green Party may look at trying to balance Stein’s low political profile with a savvier political operation, it is still not clear whether with her image, Stein would be able to tilt the election results or not.



Jill Stein has had four unsuccessful attempts at elected office but during that time, she has come to be known as a candidate who speaks thoughtfully and knowledgeably. She loves to go on long walks with her Great Dane, Bandita and picking carrots at an organic farm. But is that all enough for her to put a dent in the Democrats’ electoral prospects? Well, that question will be answered only after November 2012.


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Green Party’s Prez Nominee Is Truly ‘Green’