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Starbucks To Offer Mourning Coffee

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Starucks in Funeral Home

Robinson Funeral Home in South Carolina has now gone ahead and done the unthinkable. Yes, it has decided to install a Starbucks coffee outlet within the funeral home. Chris Robinson, the owner insists that his family had always been a step ahead of competition. They were the first ones to get an building erected with the sole purpose of operating it as a funeral home in Easley while the others just converted their homes into one. And coffee at a funeral  isn’t quite blasphemous either. In fact, it has been a tradition of sorts to keep the coffee going as visitors pour in to pay their last respects. So why not get the best?



Coffee For Mourners!

But isn’t it in poor taste? I mean, to have a branded outlet providing the mourners with coffee while the coffin lies in the chapel is indeed a thought that makes most townspeople shudder. Chris disagrees though saying that he has had some very positive feedback from the community. With most of the visitors traipsing back to the general store for a cup of coffee, the elegant Starbucks outlet  will definitely be a welcome change. The area serving coffee will remain at a discrete distance from the actual chapel and there would be absolutely no distractions or disrespect shown to the deceased and his family.


 The Outlet Area

Starbucks has undertaken the responsibility of training the baristas now and the outlet will only open its doors to the general public in August. There will be no Starbucks sign displayed outside though says Chris, in keeping with the solemnity of the occasions. However, people  say that the missing signage is on account of the outlet not being a full fledged Starbucks store. The environment will be typical of the big brand with TV, tables, fireplace and a Wi-Fi being present along with the cash register which Robinson hopes will be ringing frequently. Robinson also hopes that this new outlet will help people to get over their inhibition about stepping into a funeral parlor. Wonder, why he thinks that it is a step up though! Any guesses?


Not everyone loves the idea, however much Robinson may justify it. Rumors of commercializing grief with big mugs of Starbucks coffee has not gone down well with the inhabitants of this small town. Grief-uccino or Coffin Coffee are the new monikers for the Starbucks brand of funeral home coffee right now.


Hopefully, we will soon get to see whether it is possible to drown one’s sorrows in a cup of cappuccino. What do you think about this caffeine fix of the funeral home? Do let us know.


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Starbucks To Offer Mourning Coffee