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Story Of A Water Addict!

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Sasha Kennedy- water addict

There are addictions & then there are addictions but have you ever heard anything as strange as being totally and irrevocably hooked on the plain aqua? Yes, that’s what 26 year old Sasha Kennedy is known as- a water addict! The name becomes her as she admits to drinking more than 44 pints on a daily basis and is also known to down about 6 gallons of it within a period of 24 hours. Kennedy admits that she never gets to have more than an hour of uninterrupted sleep. The reason is simple enough. It’s an urge to drink water that wakes her up, making her head straight for the water bottle and of course innumerable trips to the wash room become mandatory for her too. So how did it all begin for Ms. Kennedy of Essex? Let’s find out.


When Did It Start?

Sasha felt the need for more and more water when she turned two. Her constant nagging for water drove her parents to the doctor who examined her and proclaimed her to be a healthy kid with maybe an increased thirst. Her parents got reconciled to the idea and took to keeping a large jug of water near her headstand when she fell asleep. However, the habit of sipping water constantly did not abate with time and Sasha soon found herself carrying water and staying near the water fountain during her school hours too.


The jug was soon replaced by a large plastic container and Sasha was soon drinking more than 26 pints a day as she crossed her teens. People at her work place noticed her need for water and helped her by placing her besides the water cooler. However, she also ended up quitting her job over the quality of drinking water.


Is It A Medical Problem?

Doctors have now diagnosed the condition as a rare case of polydipsia which is often associated with psychiatric problems. Sasha Kennedy allows her body to be flushed with water when the doctors agree that an intake of 3.5 pints daily is sufficient for the optimum functioning of the human body. The condition is not quite as harmless as it looks though. While a lack of water might prove to be fatal, drinking it in such quantities might give rise to severe health conditions too.



The complications caused by diluted blood due to too much of water may lead to nausea, confusion and frequent headaches which can eventually be the cause of organ failure and even death.


Health experts now say that too much of water is not good at all and the old habit of keeping healthy by drinking eight glasses of water  may just be a tad too much.


It would be better for us to remember that everything, even water in moderation is beneficial but going over the top is certainly not going to help. So get rid of the addiction, Sasha!


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Story Of A Water Addict!