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Deep-Fried Samoas Debut At Texas Fair

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Deep Fried Samoas

If you thought that deep fried coke was the last thing in greasy fair food trail, think again. Something else has come up, which is bound to be much more calorific than other fried foods. We are talking about Girl Scouts cookies, which are appearing in their fried avatar at the State Fair of Texas. These treats are called deep-fried samoas and the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas are bringing this treat to the State Fair.



The 100th Birthday Celebrations



If you are wondering what made the Girl Scouts to unveil such a delicious treat in Texas, it is in the honor of the 100th birthday of the Girl Scouts of America. When asked about how the idea came to life, Colleen Walker, chief executive of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, said, "The cookie is a Girl Scout icon. Why not have some fun with it and tie it into the State Fair? ... Fried items are part of the State Fair history. They get a lot of fun buzz."



The Challenge



While it was easier to think of preparing the deep fried cookies, frying them actually was a challenging proposition. This challenge was accepted by fair food veteran and a former Girl Scout Christi Erpillo. She chose Samoa because she believed that it could survive the deep frying temperature. In fact, it all fell into place for Erpillo, who said, "My favorite cookie in the whole world is a Samoa. That just happened to be the one the Girl Scouts wanted fried. It was perfect." Erpillo first tried to make Samoa cake balls but ultimately decided on using wonton wrappers. She is planning to sell these deep-fried cookies topped with caramel, chocolate drizzle, or even toasted coconut shreds. In this venture, she is being assisted by her sister Joanne. Explaining the inspiration behind this venture, Christine said, "Mother was the first to bring funnel cakes to the state fair back in the 80s. Wanda Winters, she's the funnel cake queen. I think they contributed to all of our successes later on in life so we can give back to them for a challenge."  


Deep-Fried Delight



The treat that we have been talking about is a vanilla cookie, drenched in caramel, and coated with toasted and shredded coconut. After Thin Mint, this is the most popular Girl Scout cookie. For the Texas State Fair, Christine and her team are planning to fry about 100,000 Samoas. In fact, she has already placed an order with two Girl Scouts bakeries so that she doesn't fall short of Samoas for her Fair stall.


The Texas State Fair is not until September 28, 2012 and that is still two months away. However, with this deep-fried treat, the Internet discussion has already heated up. You cannot blame the Internet users for feeling excited about it. After all, the fair foods in America have been hitting new extremes recently.


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Deep-Fried Samoas Debut At Texas Fair