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QR Codes That Look Good Enough To Eat!

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Edible QR code


The QR (Quick Response) code is here to stay! For the first time, the advertising industry is enjoying the results of being able to put a barcode in every man’s pocket courtesy a smartphone. But now, Taco Bell has gone and done something extremely creative with it. The nationwide campaign in print for promoting its Cantina Bell menu is going to be eyecatching for sure! And why is that? Simple, it will feature a QR that is edible!


Taco Bell has joined hands with the Draftclub Orange County and QSR to popularize their new Cantina menu which will highlight the fresh ingredients used. This gave the agency a unique idea of creating a fully functional 2-D bar code with lemons as well as whole avocados. The design functions effectively and directs the mobile users with QR apps  to the Cantina Bell menu .


Using The Code

The menu was introduced in June this year and features guacamole and lemon encrusted recipes along with several others. So adopting a bar code featuring two of their primary ingredients proved to be a bit tricky as the fruits had to be lined up in the form of a QR code in order to be accessible by a smart phone.  Now the readers can get the required information about a guacamole recipe by scanning the code made with avocados. The citrusy code will direct him to a lemon based chicken recipe as well. The print ad is also extremely helpful as it gives elaborate instructions on how to scan a QR code.


The Cantina Bell Menu page contains information about the menu along with restaurant locations and ideas and recipes from celebrity chefs. The service provider for mobile bar technology , ScanLife, joined hands with Taco Bell for this particular print ad campaign.


Taco Bell & Technology

However, this is certainly not the first time that Taco Bell has helped to promote their products via bar codes. Doritos Locos Tacos was recently showcased with the aid of bar codes being placed on it. It had also put the mobile bar codes on its packs which connected to the BCS football  matches, held last year.  


Taco Bell has been extremely proactive in popularizing mobile technology and QR bar codes. It has also helped in educating the general public on how to make technology work for you. The ultimate goal is to prove that the menu is indeed as delicious as it looks and the deal with Taco Bell is a real one.


People have taken to searching for food related information, be it restaurant locations or recipes on the mobile phone now. The functionality and effectiveness of the ifood app  also justifies the point.


Check out how the codes were created by watching the video below and do tell us what you think about it.




Image Credit- 2d-code 


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QR Codes That Look Good Enough To Eat!