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Cold Fish Removes Tali From MasterChef Season 3

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MasterChef Season 3

The wannabe Master Chefs had a challenging time this Monday as they came face to face with the ingredient of the day- the sea urchin replete with its poisonous spine. Chef Ramsay Gordon helps them overcome their initial fear as he proceeds to demonstrate how to cut it open and remove the poisonous part. However, armed with the strange ingredient and a very limited number of accompanying ingredients, the participants get down to work with many of them unable to hide their nervousness. Let’s see how it went for them…


Creative 'Uni' Dishes

Each contestant tries to incorporate the sea urchin with flavors that they know about. Tali, the brave one,  decides to imbibe his uni with tequila while Felix is all for adding a Japanese twist to it. Stacey is the one reluctant to go out of her comfort zone and opts to make a California roll with it.

Sea Urchin

The Italian-Japanese flavors along with the sea urchin come together in Felix’s sake drenched uni-pea risotto which Ramsay describes as simply breathtaking. Josh and his dish of noodles with uni & rock shrimp cream sauce is simply heavenly albeit the fact he doesn’t know the name of the noodles used. Stacey turns up with a shrimp sushi and uni aioli despite her initial trepidation and the judges are suitably impressed. It is Felix’s day however, and she gets to choose and assign the next round of ingredients to her fellow competitors . A variety of fishes greet her at the pantry and she weighs the pros and cons as she tries to place her competitors at a disadvantage by exposing their weak areas.


The Final Outcome

Frank with his exotic dish of cat fish and eggplants rises to the occasion whereas Felix’s strategy backfires when Monty presents the judges with a beautifully filleted slices of John Dory with a roasted almond and baby asparagus sauce.


Visually challenged Christine could not really produce spectacular results with her pedestrian version of panko encrusted salmon while Tali has to leave the MasterChef kitchen for leaving his dish of sous-vide arctic char cold until the last minute. It is declared a complete failure by the judges as they pronounce the results of the day.


With South Californian Rodeo on the cards next week, we can definitely look forward to some, good and wholesome cowboy dishes come Monday.


 Image Credit-  medcookingalaska.blogspot

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Cold Fish Removes Tali From MasterChef Season 3