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Lion’s Share For The Dorobo

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Dorobo Scavenges from Lion

Feasting on the succulent meat of a wildebeest is rare for the Dorobo tribe living in Kenya. They are  known for snatching  game from the jaws of a hungry lion when all other means of getting food fails. This hunting tribe has survived on its skills of tracking and hunting down game for centuries and they have no land nor any agricultural skills which can make their task of obtaining food any easier. And of course they cannot hope to sit themselves down at a restaurant and feast on the gourmet meals cooked by the top chefs of Africa  either. Here is a breath taking account of how they manage to live. Do read on...



Scavenging From Lions

Lions and the Dorobo feed each other in the dense jungles of Kenya. An uneasy partnership or symbiotic relationship between the two exists based on the availability of food that is growing scarcer by the day. Rakita, a hunter and his friends reveal how they survive, “If we hunt a large animal, we take away as much as we can, but leave the rest for the lions to feed on. And sometimes the lions kill a really fat animal and we say, lets take this one. It is not simple, you have to track carefully and quietly. You are scared.. thinking – will I be mauled?”  There may even be days when the tribe has to live off the lion’s kill for days on end.


The team of BBC that covered an expedition by the Dorobo tribesmen tracking down a lion and then making off with the meat of a wildebeest he hunted is an adventure that most men couldn’t dream off. But it is scary too! In fact the BBC photographers were frightened out of their wits as they focused their camera on three tiny and frail human beings tracking a pride of 15 lions and then attempting to snatch the meat away.


What Next?

The Dorobo really doesn’t have much choice although its tribesmen are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet in the modern nation of Kenya which has banned wildlife hunting. The way of these courageous people are coming to an end which also means an end of the road for age old skills like tracking, spotting camouflaged animals and scavenging. The people are saddened at the thought but do not have any choice for now. Apparently quite a few of the Dorobo tribe have been offered employment with safari companies. They can veritably tell an entire story based on the track marks of an animal.


The modern age is certainly spelling death for many such ancient cultures around the world. It is a pity that the courageous and indomitable Dorobos would have to opt for mundane jobs in order to survive in future.


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Lion’s Share For The Dorobo