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Will You Date A Vegetarian?

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Veg Vs Flesh Eaters-Dating GameWould you really be concerned about your date being a vegetarian, provided he or she is attractive and fun to be with? No? Well, think again! For statistics have revealed that almost a third of the American population of meat eaters would never even consider dating a vegan or a vegetarian. They are believed to be picky eaters and would keep on looking for tell-tale signs of flesh sneaked onto their plates while lecturing their partners about how healthy it is to live on veggies. But the main reason is certainly not confined to that.  It is our instinct explains Dr. Helen Fisher, the scientific advisor of Match.Com.


What The Study Results Revealed

A recent survey conducted by Match.Com showed that a majority of young single Americans would like to share a passion for food along with everything else. An overwhelming majority of the 4000 singles interviewed were not very excited about exchanging notes on the crunchiness of a celery stick or discussing the pros and cons of eggplants. They were all for sharing a rich meal containing tender and delectable pieces of meat though.  This attitude can actually be traced back to the early days of evolution says Dr. Fisher back to the times when the men hunted and arrived carrying booties of enormous antlers or a wild boar on their wide shoulders and the women welcomed them excitedly. Now can you imagine the same level of excitement being generated by the sight of a gigantic primitive man arriving home with a potato? Of course not, agree the scientists explaining that meat was considered to be the first luxury available to man and the trend of sharing a full meal rich in animal protein continues.


Indeed a person living on vegetables and fruits is still considered to be a ninny in some cultures especially in the Western World. Giving up meat is considered to be somewhat emasculating. Although the vegetarians are doing their best to promote veggies as a means of healthy lifestyle,  there are still too few takers. Only about 4% Americans are vegetarians and vegans at present and the rest simply cannot do without their daily meat.


 What Is The Solution?

The vegetarians are surprisingly more open to the idea of dating meat eaters than the other way round. However, dating is more about developing a relationship than food. Dr. Fisher hopes that both groups would be prepared to bend a little with the vegetarians being willing to suggest alternatives that are good to taste apart from being healthy for the body while the meat eater needs to look beyond the hunter image when it comes to choosing a partner.


Dr. Fisher reveals, “It’s so common in the animal world to give food for sex that it’s called the nuptial gift.” However, food needn’t get in the way of a relationship all the time . You might just be able to make it work for you beautifully. Try sharing a perfectly cooked and presented meal next time you go out on a date and feel your hearts beat together in unison as you eat it.


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Will You Date A Vegetarian?