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London Olympics Has Strange Food Rules

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London Olympics GuidelinesWith the London Olympics getting nearer by the day, hordes of fans, security personnel as well as the officials are steeling themselves for performing their duties responsibly and well. Volunteers are being handed out a booklet depicting the guidelines which seem to be quite strange. The “Games Maker Pocket Guide” has only succeeded in creating utter confusion instead of helping the poor volunteers understand their duties better. Let us look at a few instances and try to decipher the puzzle ourselves.



Advice on matters related to health and safety seems to be the most important according to the guidelines with sustainability  and green products taking up quite a few pages as well. But what are the volunteers advised to do? Here is a list.


Restricted Items

The list of prohibited items include guns, bombs and crossbows with kitchen knives being restricted as well. Roller skates, bikes and large, roomy bags are a strict no-no and will have to be left behind if you are keen to take up seat at the Olympics.

Restricted Food at London Olympics

What about the food then? Are we allowed to snack on tasty tidbits while cheering for our country? Well, you can carry food but be warned that it has to be a small amount. Large amounts will be allowed in of course but you will be told explicitly that you cannot eat it! A picnic hamper for instance is permitted but you cannot have a picnic, so do carry it along if you are interested in gazing at the food longingly while keeping your hands off it. The pocketbook warns of dire consequences if you happen to eat the food that you have brought along. It warns, “In extreme cases this could result in...ejection of the spectator.”



Water supply is assured though say the officials but you certainly cannot carry it from home. Be prepared to enter the stadium with an empty bottle not exceeding 100ml in capacity if you are game to filling it up inside the Olympics venue. Alcohol and soft drink bottles are completely banned though and you need to remember to throw the food wrappings into the proper waste bins so as not to create a “sustainability incident”, the book says.


The volunteers are a confused lot after going through this expert advice on how to deal with the crowd. It is a “recipe for disaster” quipped one of them voicing his opinion on what he thinks of the plain English language (read bizarre market jargon) that the book is written in.


Well, good luck to you if you are planning to watch the Games at the stadium but be sure to have  your cake but not eat it too!



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London Olympics Has Strange Food Rules