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Hot Dog Champions Scarf Their Way To Victory

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Hot Dog 1Sonya ‘The Black Widow’ Thomas and Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut – these are not just names – these are the names of two hot dog champions who have, once again, scarfed their way to history. Both, Thomas and Chestnut have got their nicknames because of their ability to down the most number of hot dogs in order to win this tightly fought competition. They were defending champions at Nathan’s annual hot dog-eating contest, which took place in Brooklyn on Wednesday. And after downing 45 and 68 hot dogs and buns, respectively, both defended their last year’s title and were declared record holders, once again.


‘The Black Widow’


Thomas defended her title by eating 45 hot dogs and buns, which is 4 more than her last year’s record. In the weigh-ins, she weighed 100 pounds. When asked about how she was able to down 45 hot dogs at once, Thomas referred to her tried-and-tested method, which is to dunk two hot dogs in water before wolfing them down. This trick helped her last year as well as this year.




Chestnut ate 68 hot dogs and buns in just 10 minutes, tying his last year’s record and marking his sixth win in the competition. He has been winning this contest right since 2006. During the weigh-ins, Chestnut weighed in an impressive 210 pounds. Speaking about this year’s defending champions, George said, “I have never been more excited, and I’m not just saying that. When I see Joey Chestnut – he’s an American hero, people flock around him. They flock around Sonya. I get goosebumps on my hands and realize the Fourth of July is here.”


The Contest hot dog 2


The hot dog-eating competition began 100 years ago. During its initial days, it was a boardwalk show in Coney Island. However, when Nathan’s Famous Restaurant approached with its own idea, everything changed for this contest. Till last year, male and female contestants used to compete together but from 2012, there were separate contests for men and women. There are three people who look after the national level competition now and they are brothers George and Richard Shea and their partner David Baer. Together the three partners have taken this competitive eating to a new level. Speaking about this contest, George said, “It’s an American institution. America is able to celebrate freedom – its rights, its freedoms, all of the joys that come with that – by eating hot dogs in the most absurd practice ever in mankind’s history.”


Similar Contests


Although Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest remains the Sheas’ most prestigious contest in the country, the brothers also run the Major League Eating, under which they organize other food contests too. Competitors eat oysters, baby back ribs, cheese steak, hamburgers, buffalo wings, asparagus, meatballs, jalapenos, corned beef, and catfish to win their way.



The hot dog-eating contest would sure make your mouths water and watching the champions wolf down so many hot dogs within minutes would have definitely made you hungry as well. So here is an idea to cook hot dogs in a crock pot because we know you must be dying to have a hot dog party right inside your living room.



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Hot Dog Champions Scarf Their Way To Victory