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Can Bubble Tea Replace Earl Grey?

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Bubble TeaTea is not simply a rejuvenating brew in England, it is the very essence of British culture! But all that is set for a change now as the stiff upper lip Brits get ready to toss out the Earl Grey bags and welcome bubble tea  with wide arms. Isn’t it a different form of tea then? Why is there such brouhaha about it? Let’s find out…


What Is It?

Bubble Tea is a cold drink, available in an array of bright colors and contains several slimy looking, tapioca balls immersed in it. It was a cold fruity tea created by Liu Han-Chieh of Taiwan. He introduced the concept of adding tapioca pearls to the tea. The name bubble tea was derived from the foam which formed on the surface of the drink when it is given a vigorous shake. The pearls are small in size with a texture and feel of gummi bears. Tapioca isn’t the only root that goes into it though. Cassava, sweet potato and brown sugar are all added to it giving the small balls a characteristic dark color. Boba drink, pearl chew drink and QQ which means chewy in Chinese are other names by which it is known.


How To Drink It?

Do not be deceived by the fancy modern container. The drink is not something to be sipped slowly and sedately while making small conversation on a boring afternoon. You do need to bang your big straw into the small globules lurking at the bottom of your glass and smash them while trying to swallow the contents that come rushing via the straw into your mouth. You certainly cannot afford to get distracted once you begin drinking the boba or bubble tea. The taste needs to be acquired a bit though and you are likely to go Ugh! As the slimy black balls enter your mouth and you are obligated to chew on them. But you are sure to give it a thumbs up once you get hooked to it. The various fruit flavors provide you with variation although there are a few Asian ones that need practice. The final step is going on to the green tea flavor where the liquid appears to be transparent and the passersby  are bound to give you disgusted looks as you remain intent on crushing the black, and slippery tapioca balls with your straw.


Health wise, it is perfectly okay too as nothing more than fruit juices, natural teas and purified water get added to it. No added sugar or cream, unlike the British tea, Thank Goodness!


Where Will You Get It

Bubbleology is the sole stockist of the bubble tea in London where it started business by opnining an outlet in Soho back in 2011. There has been no looking back since then and very soon West London got its own bubble tea destination at the Harvey Nichols store, Knightsbridge. The latest addition is the one on Notting Hill that stocks 23 different flavors of the boba tea.


Assad Khan, the founder hopes to revolutionize the world of tea with his brand much in the same way as Starbucks has revolutionized coffee. He hopes to popularize it all over the world but acknowledges that it may be a fragmented market out there. Middle East and Europe are on the cards for him this year while he wants to take on Latin America early next year.


Surprising, Assad Khan had no formal training in brewing tea or beverages before. He had been an investment banker in NYC when he discovered the drink in an obscure café there. Now of course his cup of brimmeth over!


So what do you say? Want to try this specialty tea and see if bubble tea can cheer you up? Do share your fun experience with us here. Good Luck!


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Can Bubble Tea Replace Earl Grey?