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Northwest Cherries Put Rainier Cherry On Top

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Rainier Cherry Day- Tree-to-TableIt’s National Rainier Cherry Day on 11th July and Northwest Cherries has taken concrete steps to ensure that you get a fun packed, nutritious experience on the day. Now what on earth is it all about? Northwest Cherries  is a part of “Washington State Fruit Commission” that promotes stone fruits grown regionally in the Northwest orchards. It is the sweet and succulent Rainier cherries that will be the most important ingredient of unique dishes created by chefs in special  restaurants in each state of the nation on the D-day.


What Are Rainier Cherries?

A firm and sweet tasting cherry that is yellow in color with a faint rosy tinge. The cherry is best eaten  fresh although there have been numerous attempts to utilize its juice and sweetness to create innovative desserts  and drinks. They have been around since 1952 when it was created for the very first time by crossing two distinct breeds of Van and Bing cherries.


How Do You get To Celebrate

Join in the celebrations and enjoy the fruit in all possible ways by heading to the chosen restaurant  in your State. Feel free to indulge in the signature dish  featuring the Rainier cherries be it a compote, fruit salad or even a humble pie. You might also get the opportunity to opt for the fresh and juicy fruit in sherbets, fruit drinks and smoothies. Cocktails enhanced with the firm and succulent flesh of the Rainier cherry is bound to transport you to a dreamy world. You have Northwest Cherries to thank for providing this unique opportunity across the nation.

Rainier Cherry

What Are the Benefits?

You do have the option of eating the Rainier cherries by handfuls even as you get set to celebrate the National Rainier Cherry Day. The taste and juice of the golden fruit is not all you get though. The fruit comes with numerous health benefits and you not only get to sleep better but can also hope to avoid cardiovascular diseases and strokes in your lifetime if you include the cherry in your regular diet. Some of the more pronounced health benefits offered by the Rainier cherry are:-


  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Cardio Vascular disease can be avoided.
  • Anti-inflamatory in nature.
  • Lowers the risk of hypertension.
  • Induces Sleep.
  • Is Anti-Carcinogenic.
  • Helps to control diabetes despite its sweetness.


Do get set to join the celebrations as Northwest Cherries bring you the Rainier Cherries right from the Tree-to-Table. You can obtain more information about the restaurants, chefs and their recipes via  or .


Image Credit- Northwest Cherries 

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Northwest Cherries Put Rainier Cherry On Top