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Mayor Faces Criticism Over Sausage Dress

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Mayor Sausage 1When Jill Makinson-Sanders, the 61-year-old Mayor of Louth in Lincolnshire, Britain, thought of dressing up as a sausage to welcome the Olympic flame coming through her jurisdiction, she must not have expected such outrage. The novelty costume worn by the Mayor at the Olympic torch welcome ceremony last week sparked criticism, forcing Sanders on the back foot.


The Costume


According to Sanders, she wore the sausage costume, the Lincolnshire sausage costume, to be precise, in order to win support for the campaign to grant protected status to the sausage. She could have worn the traditional mayoral chain and robes to greet the torch but, instead, the Councilor wore an 8ft-tall pale pink sausage costume, with huge eyes cut out in the front, and a nose as well. She greeted torch dressed thus, even as onlookers, the media, and those watching at home, turned up their noses in disgust.


The Criticism


People were quick to register their criticism, both online, to the TV channels, and press, after the Mayor Sanders made her appearance as a sausage. One onlooker said, “She probably thought she was being quite fun and quirky – but it backfired a little bit. People couldn’t take their eyes off her because it looks so rude – her outfit certainly gained a few titters among the crowd. It’s something you’d expect to see on a stag-do – not being worn by a respectable mayor.” Another Louth resident pitched in, “The council chamber must put a stop to this embarrassment, and restore some dignity to the people of Louthw ho do not want the local Olympic event high-jacked for commercial reasons.”


Mayor’s Backlash Mayor sausage 2


After facing much criticism, the Louth Mayor hit back at the news channels and her critics. She told the press, “The first thing I need to stress is that I did not do this as mayor, but as a member of the town’s food group. I think the national coverage cheapened what we stand for and the only reason it was done was to celebrate sausage day. It is sad that people have taken it the wrong way and have made silly comments about it.” She further added, “The costume itself came from the British Sausage Appreciation Society. I do feel that people are very quick to judge and criticize, but I do a lot for our community and people should realize this. She also defended herself by saying, “Louth Town Council has not been officially invited to have anything to do with the Olympic torch or to meet the torch and welcome it into the town. I was not attending, therefore, in my capacity as mayor. I serve the town as mayor but only when invited to do so. I was not wearing a chain at this event.”


The Defense


To be fair to the Mayor, she had said, while addressing the crowd during the welcome ceremony, “Today is Louth Sausage day. Louth welcomes the Olympic torch and is proud to announce that the day will also be a celebration of sausages.” It seems the Mayor had the perfect reason and background to wear the costume. A local resident also said in her favor, “Good for her. The Lincolnshire sausage should be protected. Everyone loves them…”



Well, there you have it. Mayor Sanders choice of costume may have been out of place but it was not outrageous at all. Do you think so too? She, at least, used the sausage to propagate a noble gesture and thought, unlike the man who used sausage links to attack and steal from an innocent biker.



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Mayor Faces Criticism Over Sausage Dress