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Woman Beaten Over More Sauce Packets!

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More sauce 1What would you do if you wanted extra sauce packets with your takeaway order? Obviously, ask for it, right? Well, Tiawanda Shears, a Chicago resident, did just that and she got reportedly battered in return by the enraged employee. Now, the injured customer has sued the restaurant for damages.


The Restaurant


The restaurant in question is the New China Wok Limited, located on 752 W. Garfield Blvd. and Shears had gone to pick up her takeaway order. On checking her order, she found that it contained just one packet of sauce, which, according to her, was not sufficient to go with the whole order. Therefore, she “politely requested more sauce packets.” She made this request to an employee, identified as Hui Tian Wu.


The Enraged Employee


After Shears made the request, she claims in the lawsuit, the employee “became enraged”, came out from behind the counter, and pushed Shears into the glass door leading outside the restaurant. The incident caused severe injury to one of Shears’ legs.


The Lawsuit


Enraged in return, Shears filed a lawsuit against Wu and the restaurant. In the lawsuit, she is seeking compensation worth $50,000, for damages caused due to negligence on part of the employee and due to “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” The complaint, filed after the incident, reads, “Plaintiff’s request for more sauce packets caused Wu to become enraged and he came from behind the pick-up counter and attacked plaintiff Shears…” In the lawsuit, Shears said, “…(A)s defendant Wu continued to attack plaintiff Shears, he pushed her outside the defendant New China premise through the glass front door and then violently threw her through the glass front door, causing the glass door to shatter and plaintiff Shears to severely injure her leg.”


The ‘Sauce’ Rage More sauce 2


The sauce rage that took place at the China Wok restaurant has taken the virtual world by storm, with people commenting on the story published on various networks. Some of the comments are angry, some are about outrage, and others are quite funny. One of the commentators on the story said, “This reminds me never to ask for extra sauce with my takeaway.” Another wrote, “Where does Shears buy her Chinese from because I always get 50 soy sauce packets with my order?” Well, it looks like Shears need to shift to this man’s takeaway outlet.



While this may not be the first or the only incident speaking of violence inside a restaurant, involving a customer and his or her order, it certainly is outrageous enough to force you to think, where the customer service is headed for. A few months ago, a group of unruly teenagers descended upon a McDonald’s outlet and turned the place upside down. Last year, a Taco Bell customer went on a violent burrito rage because he was not happy with the way his order had turned out.



Is this general loss of patience or are people really getting violent these days? Now it is your turn to reply.



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Woman Beaten Over More Sauce Packets!