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Phily Food Truck Going For Free

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Food Truck

Crown jewel of Philadelphia’s food truck business, Honest Tom’s owner, Tom McCusker is giving away the food truck for free and if you are interested, email him now at Lack of time for the business has forced the owners to look for potential change of hands, but at no cost. You don’t hear of such an offer every day.


The Reason

The truck sells tacos, burritos, and some specials, all of which are lapped up by hungry Philadelphians who are out during the lunch hours. Considered to be one of the pioneering mobile food operations of the city, many would be surprised to hear that Honest Tom’s are just giving away the truck that stands at 261 South 44th Street. It seems that the owners are also involved in the brick-and-mortar business, which is not allowing them to look after the food truck properly or to run it on a more regular schedule. As a result, they have decided to just give away the truck to an interested party and turn their back on the food truck business.


The Deadline

The owners want you to come up with a great idea for the truck, or a convincing story, as to why you should be chosen to own the truck in their place. For this, they have also put up a Facebook page, on which they have written their appeal. It says, “For those that have inquired or anyone else it may concern: we have been trying to get the truck back into regular rotation for months now, but with the shop schedule being as demanding as it is we have realized that it is not going to be possible. So we’ve come up with a plan… As good as the truck has been to us we’ve decided it cannot be burdened with a monetary value. We will be gifting it to a noble up and comer looking to dive into the dark scary world of food trucking.” July 9, 2012, is the deadline for people to apply and the decision would be taken after that.


The owners have been quite vocal on Twitter as well, regarding their plans for the food truck. The brick and mortar business was set up near 44th and Spruce Streets by Honest Tom’s last year and since it is doing great now, there is little time left for McCusker to go on regular stops on his food truck


Food trucks in America have come to be after a long bout of uncertainty and now that the business has picked up throughout the country, it has even spread its wings to foreign shores, Paris being one of the cities introduced to food trucks recently. Therefore, such a burgeoning business would be anybody’s envy.


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Phily Food Truck Going For Free