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Twitter Founders Support Plant Based Meat Company

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twitter founder supports beyond meat

The future of meat substitutes look bright! The co-founders of the microblogging site have endorsed it wholeheartedly and have even invested in it. And whatever is good for the Twitter fathers is good enough for us, right? However, you do not really have to support ‘Beyond Meat’ , the company engaged in making fake chicken and meat without looking up the facts first. Do check and you are sure to find numerous vegetarians and vegans supporting it. Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter has been a vegan for most of his life and he found the products made by Beyond Meat too good to resist. Let’s see why he thinks so…


The Reason for Backing Beyond Meat

Obvious Corporation, a company founded by the Twitter duo of Biz Stone and Evan Williams which works with companies that are more or less web centric has decided to invest in it. So why this sudden interest in fake meat? Well, Stone had the lowdown from Kleiner Perkins, one of the partners of the company and was suitably impressed. Stone says, "these guys are coming at the meat analogue industry not as a novelty kind of thing or hippy dippy. "They were coming at it from this big science, super practical, scalable angle. They were saying, 'We want to get into the multi-billion-dollar meat industry with a plant-based meat.” Sure enough, their first product Veggie Chicken Strips emulate the taste and feel of meat so much that a hard core vegan might just feel a little queasy on eating it.


Constituents of Fake Meat

The Chicken Strips are available at North California now with other interesting products like the beef crumble in the offing. The chicken contains soy protein though, a product that is not always considered to be safe as it can lead to allergic reactions in certain individuals. The beef product might contain proteins extracted from peas while a variety of fake meat products are now being considered with lupin, mustard seed protein, and barley too.


Health & Sustainability

The pseudo-meat or plant meat as some of the backers prefer to call it are big on the health as well as the sustainability factor. Ethan Brown of Beyond Meat admits, "what fascinated me that we’d be sitting around in these alternative energy conferences, these big hotels with fancy speakers, and at the end of the day you’d sit down and have steak." He was quite perplexed that people did not focus on the fact of greenhouse emissions occurring due to livestock.


The nutrition profile looks highly impressive too with the product showing a high range of protein and absolutely no cholesterol or saturated fat  present in it. The supporters of PETA are over the moon at the thought of such meat too. A food product that lets you have the best of both worlds at one go!


Well, we certainly hope that the backers of Beyond Meat can change the world of food as much as Twitter changed the art of communication. Here’s hoping that we vegans don’t have to make do with Tofurkey on Thanksgiving Day and can feast on the plant based Turkey roast instead.



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Twitter Founders Support Plant Based Meat Company