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Dining With The Robots!

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Robotic Restaurants 1A restaurant in the Harbin province of China is offering robotic services to its customers and, as a result, it is extremely popular among diners, especially the children. At this restaurant, there are 18 types of robots, who serve food, cook, or work as an usher, much to the amazement of the guests. The mood for this robotic dining experience is set right at the start, when you walk in to the restaurant and an usher robot welcomes you with, "Earth Person, Hello, Welcome to the Robot Restaurant." Read on to know what more is in store.



Robot Restaurant


This restaurant, in downtown area of the province, brings true the prophecy that robots would one day serve the humans. This restaurant, as said earlier, has 18 types of robots, who work as cook, waitress, usher, etc. Besides, there are robots to cook up specialty dishes such as noodles and dumplings. While the cook robot works in the kitchen, the waiter robot flits in and out of the kitchen, with your orders, and the usher robot stands by the entrance to guide the guest into the restaurant. Tracks are laid down across the restaurant, on which these robots run, performing their respective jobs. However, the experience doesn't end there. After you are through with your meal, a singing robot will also entertain you.



 The Brain Behind It


Each robot at the Robot Restaurant was made at a cost of £20,000 to £30,000 and the total cost of setting up this futuristic restaurant was £500,000. All the robots were designed and made at the Harbin Haohai Robot Company. The Company's Chief Engineer Liu Hasheng says, "After the busy times during the day, the robot will go for a 'meal,' which is electricity. Staff in the computer room can manage the whole robot team." The robots need to be charged for two-hours before they can be put on a continuous shift of 5 hours.



There are More Robotic restaurants 2


While the Robot Restaurant in Harbin is making all the right noises, that doesn't mean that it is the first such venture. Back in 2010, another robot restaurant was launched in the Jinan city of northern China's Shandong province. At this restaurant, robots, dressed in Star Wars costumes traveled around the dining room, serving food from the trays moving on a conveyor belt. Besides, there are a dozen robots, in various restaurants around China, where they work as servers, ushers, entertainers, and even receptionists. These robots are well-trained and fast, exactly what a 21st century customer service system requires. In fact, there is a restaurant where a robot has been employed just to serve ice-cream to the children. How exciting!


Robotic restaurants have a growing presence in countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, etc. and  by the look of it, they are well-received. After the robot chefs, robot restaurants seem to be the future. Now if the West wants to catch up on this trend, it needs to act fast or else, the Far East would take the cake!


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Dining With The Robots!