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9.5 Tons Of Garlic Stolen, Recovered!

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This is one theft in which the police did not have to use any sniffer dogs because what the thieves had laid their hands was 9.5 tons of garlic. So, you can guess how much stink that would have raised.



The Arrest

The garlic, believed to have come from Spain, was apprehended when the thieves were trying to cross over into Hungary from Austria. The police became suspicious when they saw three vans, all overloaded and sagging under the weight of the 9.5 tons of pungent cargo. According to the onlookers, the vehicles were so heavily-loaded that they were riding very low to the ground.


The Inquiry

They rounded up the vehicles and took the five Romanian nationals away for questioning. When the five thieves could not give any satisfactory explanation for such a large cargo, the policy, who already had information about the stolen garlic, arrested them and charged them with suspicion of receiving stolen goods.


The Austrian law requires the identity of a criminal to be kept private, as a result of which, the five men were not identified to the public.


The Stink

It was the stink that gave away the thieves as the police, posted along the Hungary-Austria border, could not ignore their noses while confronting the three garlic-laden vehicles. The cargo is estimated to be worth $37,500. One of the officers involved in this operation told the press, “All three vehicles really stunk like garlic.”


Well, what else could you expect the vehicles to stink like, officer? Although, it is yet not clear how the five men could steal and get away with so much garlic at a time. Nor was it apparent where the garlic was exactly stolen from.


This theft is as strange as the one where a woman shoved prawns up her skirt  in a supermarket or, better still, where a bunch of thieves made their way out of another supermarket with, nothing else, but cucumbers !


The thieves these days are either getting very innovative or turning really desperate! What do you think?


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9.5 Tons Of Garlic Stolen, Recovered!