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Wanna Play With Ghost Pepper?

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Red Robin burgers

People love to play with fire often! Cashing in on this love, the Red Robin burger chain has introduced two new burgers on its menu, starting June 26, 2012. Now, you would ask, where’s the fire in that? Well, these two burgers feature a sauce made with ghost pepper, one of the five most spicy peppers in the world. Adam Richman, are you listening? This could be your next Man V. Food challenge, dude!


The Ghost Pepper


If you are not already familiar with the ghost pepper, be informed that its spicy strength lies between 855,000 and 1,000,000 units on the Scoville scale, which makes it about 300 times hotter than an jalapeno! On eating this pepper, people have complained of sickness, nausea, and loss of consciousness too. So, now you  know, how scary the two new Red Robin burgers could be!


The Challenge


The new burgers will be introduced at all the 460 outlets of the burger chain. In fact, Red Robin is going to be the first national burger chain to include this record-holding pepper as an ingredient. The options are open only to the most brave diners.


The New Burgers


The two new burgers are – The Fiery Ghost and The Cry Baby. If the names sound funny, read what they’ve got inside. The Fiery Ghost is made with ghost pepper sauce, fried jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese while the Cry Baby burger is made with onion straws dipped in sriracha dry seasoning as well as Cholula hot sauce. In addition, the second burger also has jack cheese and ghost pepper ketchup. So, whichever way you look at it, you are going to get a mouthful of fire.


The Press Release


Describing the burgers, Red Robin’s Executive Chef Dave Woolley, the brain behind the burgers, said, “The culinary world has really embraced the chili pepper in a number of ways across the American dining landscape, and we are very excited to offer our guests two distinctly-Red Robin approaches to one of the world’s hottest chillis, the ghost pepper.”


While the initial verdict about the burgers has been encouraging, Twitteratis who have tasted the burgers have called them “orgasmic” and “double yum.” Some months ago, a New Zealand pizza chain had launched a Hell Pizza’s roulette game, in which an extremely spicy slice of pizza brought tears to your eyes. It looks like the Red Robin burgers will manage to do much more than that.


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Wanna Play With Ghost Pepper?