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Michelle Obama Takes On Ann Romney At Cookie Bake-Off

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Presidential Cookie Bake Off

The Presidential election campaign is heating up with the nation being subjected to a number of debates whether its Democrats V/s Republicans or Obama V/s Romney. Well, it’s time now to forget the serious issues and concentrate on your palate. Yes, guys, Family Circle’s “Presidential Cookie Bake-Off” will take place once again! Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are all set to wield their spatulas and you as a reader are honor bound to bake it and taste it before casting your vote for the one that deserves to be the First Cookie.


What Is It All About?

The unique cookie contest has been the brainchild of Family circle, a monthly publication of Meredith Corporation. It concentrates on various women’s issues and is not averse to a bit of innocent fun either! The cookie contest was carried out first in 1992 and soon became a regular event of the would be First Ladies intent on showcasing their culinary skills via the family recipes for cookies.


History Of The Cookie Bake-Off

Presidential Cookie Bake Off in 1992

It was Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush who decided to tickle the taste buds of the voters all across America in 1992. Since then, the competition has gained in fame and is considered to be a fun way to predict the winner, not only the lady with the best cookie recipe but also the man who would decide the fate of USA for the next four years. You would be surprised to see that every lady with the winning cookie save one, went on to occupy the White House later on. The Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookie by Cindy McCain won her 54% votes in spite of certain accusations about the recipe being copied. The 2008 cookie contest, however, did not prove to be fortunate for the winner as Ms Mc Cain never got to become the First Lady.


The Cookies At Stake

So what are the cookies that we need to judge anyway? Here are the salient points from both. Do take a look:-



Name of Entry

Recipe By

Who Loves It?

Michelle Obama

White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mama Kaye

Obama Family

Ann Romney

M&M’s Cookies

Family Recipe

Romney Grandkids



How Can You Participate?

Presidential Cookie Bake Off

You can check out both the recipes on  or  starting today, the 27th of July and  continue until 15th of August when the poll closes. Readers can vote once a day until then. The recipes will also be featured on the August issue of the Family Circle, available July 3 onward. The results will be out in November just in time to see if the winner has made it to the White House this time too.


So check out the mouth watering, yummy recipes and keep voting for the cookies that can make or break  a First Lady’s fortune. 


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Michelle Obama Takes On Ann Romney At Cookie Bake-Off