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McDonald’s Slips In ACSI Survey

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Customer satisfaction

If the 2012 findings of the "American Consumer Satisfaction Index" (ACSI) are anything to go by, McDonald’s customers are not really “lovin’ it.” According to the ACSI survey of 2012, the world’s largest fast-food chain has earned the worst customer satisfaction rating, which has pushed it to the bottom of the table in case of “limited-service restaurants” category.


The company, which serves 68 million people everyday, managed to earn 73% rating in the survey. Although the rating was 1 percentage point up from the restaurant’s last year’s rating, it did not make any difference to McDonald’s poor run through the years in the ACSI survey. Last year too, McDonald’s was at the bottom of the tally with 67 % rating.


ACSI is a private research firm located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and its managing director, David VanAmburg, said about McDonald’s performance in the survey. He said, “For a company that’s so large and so dominant within its industry and space, satisfaction doesn’t necessarily have to matter quite as much – especially if value is a bigger lever than quality. They’ve made a pretty big dent in that business. They’ve been doing a lot of things right.”


While VanAmburg may have exempted the company of any responsibility for its poor performance in the customer satisfaction survey, the company itself is not so forgiving. In a press release, following the survey findings, McDonald’s said, “At McDonald’s, customer satisfaction has, and continues to be, a top priority. We take all customer feedback seriously. Through restaurant evaluations and customer and employee feedback, we are continually evaluating our performance. Our internal and third-party research shows that we continue to make progress in satisfying our customers. Business results also reinforce this. In fact, the producers of the American Customer Satisfaction Index said that McDonald’s customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. Still, we know we can do more by continuing to offer our customers great value, menu variety and a positive service experience every time they visit our restaurants.”


And with that, the company did what it always does best – enticing the customers to return once more. Over the years, there has been quite a discussion going on about whether, being the largest fast-food chain, McDonald’s had a role to play in the rising obesity levels of America. This accusation was categorically dismissed most recently by Chef Daniel Coudreaut, Senior Director of culinary innovation at McDonald’s. In his opinion, “I don’t see anything on the menu that is unhealthy.” Big words those, really!


Moving on to other limited-service restaurants surveyed during the ACSI survey, some of them are as follows: - Papa John’s (80% ranking), Pizza Hut (81%), Little Caesar (80%), and Wendy’s (77%).


A few months ago, a Biginsight analysis has shown that fast food customers are unhappy with their health. It seems that McDonald’s poor performance may have something to do with the overall scenario around fast food sector too because people are getting health-conscious by the day. For a detailed view of the years-on performance of the restaurants, read the table below:

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McDonald’s Slips In ACSI Survey