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Blind MasterChef Contestant Christine Creates Visually Stunning Dish

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MasterChef Season 3

MasterChef Season 3 aired on Monday with  16 nervous candidates waiting in the center of a field, watching the US Marine Corps helicopters fly above them. The judges remain poker faced as they instructed the contestants who are scared to bits by the tall order. Yes, they are going to be ambushed by the Marines and then could hope to please them by feeding them with great, quality food in the form of entrees. The thought of having to do the entire cooking in the middle of trenches was enough to break them into cold sweat. But no, they are made of harder stuff yet and got ready to face the challenge. So what was the outcome? Let’s see…


Episode 5


Red team and Blue team came face to face with Frank and David as the leaders who take their pick of the contestants. Blind contestant Christine  isn’t anyone’s first choice and lands up in Frank’s Blue team ultimately. Chef Ramsay minces no words as he discovers that the meat prepared by the red team is still raw and Frank has a frantic time as he discovers that he has run out of pasta. The Red team does manage to win in the long run while the judges put the Blue team members to Pressure Test barring  Stacey who is selected by team leader Frank to take the pass.


The Pressure Test

Masterhef Dish

Fifteen minutes for a stunning apple pie with a perfect crust and filling is a bit of a challenge which surprisingly the visually challenged Christine manages to overcome and the foul mouthed Ramsay actually gives her a compliment by saying it looks stunning. Michael, who put on a heavy cheese layer on top of his pie is the one destined to lag behind and goes home at the end of the episode.


Mystery Box Challenge


The next episode aired on Tuesday where the 15 remaining contestants had to go through the Mystery Box challenge. The competitors were astounded t learn that they have a full 90 minutes to prepare an exotic dish featuring veal’s brains, bull’s testicles, hearts of lambs and the kidneys from a pig. Ryan becomes the winner but the blind contestant Christine is no less either having qualified among the top three in this round.


Challenge Again


A challenge of cooking with fresh ingredients versus canned ones poses a few problems next and chef Ramsay is at his sarcastic best asks Mike the reason for processing fresh crab so much that it ended up like the canned version. The highlight of the episode comes when Christine is declared a winner which even has Ramsay exclaiming, “are you really blind?”Sadly Helene and her dish of Dungeness crab soup doesn’t quite satisfy the judges and she has to leave at the end of Tuesday’s episode.


With the viewers being moved by Christine’s abilities and her courage to overcome all odds, the choice for the favorite contestant is obvious. However, it’s early days yet and we might just get to see a new culinary wizard popping up soon.


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Blind MasterChef Contestant Christine Creates Visually Stunning Dish