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Sausage Links Turn Into A Weapon

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sausagesA biker enjoying a stroll early in the morning was assaulted by a man who made away with his bicycle and a few trinkets which were in his possession. Nothing strange in this you would say. Sure, cases of assault and robbery are dime a dozen but it does make news when the weapon is a link of sausage. It created enough ruckus in Massachusetts where the incident took place.


The matter was reported to the police by another early bird who was jogging along. He could identify the culprit as Michael Baker who was later caught by the police as he  was calmly getting away on the bicycle. The victim had to be hospitalized and was diagnosed as suffering from several lacerations. The frozen sausage links did enough damage although Baker had to exchange his processed meat for metal as he delivered his final blow. A metal wrench was also recovered from the scene of the incident and was pronounced to be the primary weapon.


A break in was also reported by a meat stall located on the Brockton Fairgrounds and the authorities soon put two and two together  by concluding that the stolen meat was used for the assault. Baker was booked under a number of charges which included assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.  Now who would have thought that a harmless link of sausage could double up as a lethal armament.


Getting hit by meat is not anything new though. There have been umpteen attempts to harm or maim victims with this high protein food which would surely serve better as nourishment for the human body . Here are a few interesting incidents that seem to be similar.


Elsie Egan had hit her boyfriend over the head with a frozen piece of steak because he refused to have a piece of bread instead of rolls.


Chantille Rodway struck a man with a packet of processed minced beef last year and Drew Smith Warner threw a candle holder along with raw chicken and hit a 52 year old victim  just a few months after that.


It is better to take a stock of the ingredients in our refrigerator now and identify the potential weapons lurking within. Do you think it would help to go vegetarian in order to escape such an ordeal? Do let us know.

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Sausage Links Turn Into A Weapon