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State University Chef to Cook for Olympians

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Chef Jeff Haynes Chosen for Olympic

Nicholls State University is a regional educational institution preferred by residents of Louisiana due to its proximity from home. Chef Jeff Haynes looking after the dining services of the school isn’t quite athletic either. However, he has surprised all by earning the opportunity to serve food to athletes, dignitaries, as well as the millions of spectators visiting the London Olympics this year. Haynes has been selected by the giant food company Sodexo which also oversees the cafeteria of Nicholls and caters for various events at the institute. “I’d say I’m definitely excited,” was the reaction from the elated chef on being chosen for serving at the largest athletic event in the world.


The Reason

Chef Jeff Haynes wasn’t quite unaware of the entire outcome. He is of British origin and had trained in Bristol before taking up jobs in various parts of the world. In fact, he had applied through Sodexo for the coveted position but had no inkling that he was going to clinch it. However, his impressive resume which highlights his wide experience as well as the account of his globetrotting  days helped in moving him to the topmost position. He hopes that he won’t just be flipping burgers at the Olympics though and is getting himself prepared to cater for banquets and the many fine dining events likely to take place during the duration of the games in London.



Sodexo has been roped in to provide food for the inmates of “Olympics Park South” which houses the area for water polo and aquatic events apart from the stadium. Michael Phelps , the gold medal prospect for swimming will be performing here and Haynes is expecting to help him with his required calorie intake  during the games. Hayes isn’t a complete stranger to Olympics either. He has had a stint at the Sydney Olympics of 2000 where he got to feed the ancillary staff. However, he hopes that his position will be elevated this time round making it slightly more glamorous.


The London Olympics is going to be huge with people from all over the world converging on to the venue during the games. Jeff Haynes has full faith in the ability of Sodexo though. He says that, “they’re very well-organized for these kinds of large events” and hopes to see the spectacular event as an insider now.


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State University Chef To Cook For Olympians